Thursday, February 7, 2013


Happy 2 years?
Hello everyone. This week has been awesome. Been seeing a lot of people, saying a lot of goodbyes, and trying to find others to teach! Haha. We went to the olympic training center on pday, it's pretty cool. Got some rad pics haha. But the definite highlight was sunday! Had church, bore my last testimony, then went to pueblo for Rain's baptism! Yay!! It was so awesome to see her finally get baptized! Afterward visited the Stanberys, then had an openhouse for myself and the senior couple that are leaving this week as well. It was awesome! Anyway I can't think of anything else so I will leave it at that! See yall in a couple days!! Take care God Bless!
Rain and her mom, the elders in university ward, me!  

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Hello everyone!
This week has been awesome! We had a baptism this weekend, I've been working with him since september so it was amazing to see him finally get baptized! Haha. We had a good old time hanging out with the other elders in the district last pday, we got a referral at a sonic that we had lunch at! Awesome!! Haha. We did exchanges this week and I got to see some familiar faces as I was working in 18th ward again! Haha. Pretty sweet. That's basically it that I can think of, the pinnacle was definitely the baptism!! Good times! Well I love you all God Bless!


Hello everyone!
This week has been pretty good! I have my entire district huddled around me as I type this! Haha. We have a baptism scheduled for saturday, things are going great with it! We're super excited for it! It's gonna be awesome! Yesterday a family took us to a chinese buffet so I got some sushi and soy sauce mixed with wasabi and of course, I made the soy mix splash and go all over me. It was awesome haha. Turns out wasabi kinda burns when it's on your cheek haha. Everyone had a good laugh at my expense haha. Otherwise not a whole lot of super awesome stuff this week, just your normal week! Anyway love you all God Bless!  


This week has been awesome! Had interviews with President, it was pretty cool. Talked about my mission experience and a little bit about why I served where and whatnot. Friday was a zone training meeting as well as exchanges. Good times with the zone leaders! And of course, baptism on saturday!!! We played some around the world as the font filled, epic. Haha. It's been super cold and snowed a little last night so that was cool! Oh, we've been practicing to beat a 4 year old at a bible trivia game, it's pretty rad haha. Anyway I love you all God Bless!  

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Herro everyone!
Happy new year and happy 23 months!! Cahrazzy ness! This week has been really awesome! We're teaching and getting ready for a baptism this saturday, things have been going great there! We've been visiting our recent converts as well, they're doing awesome! I'm so excited for them and everyone else who is involved! We had church at 1030, it's the first time I've had a time besides 830 in a year! haha pretty sweet! We don't have tooooo exciting of stuff coming up besides the baptism, but it should be a great week! Love you all God Bless!


Hello everyone!
This week has been awesome! I hope everyone had a great christmas and are planning an amazing new years! We had 5 people's houses to go to on christmas, and two dinners it was awesome! Got 4 new tech decks too, sick mullet!! haha. On saturday we went up to the temple to do baptisms for the dead with our recent converts, it was amazing! Had such a fun time! Afterward I took some tylenol pm on accident so I was exausted! haha. We have 2 new people who are also working towards baptism!! Miracles!! Haha it's going awesome right now, especially since I'm getting ready to deuces outta here! I only have 4 more meetings to plan thank goodness haha. Anyway I love you all God Bless!


Hello everyone!
This week has been awesome for sure! Don't have a whole lot of time to email today but wanted to send one out for the blog and whatnot! Yesterday was a super fantastic day! The Stanbery kids got baptized! Huzzah! I'm so happy for them. It's the first time I've been in the font as well, such an awesome experience. Also we had some fun meeting up with someone we were visiting awhile ago! We're looking forward to Christmas and all the fun stuff that's going to be happening! Yay! I love you all God Bless and Merry Christmas!!!