Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Hello everyone!  Happy 21 Months!  And Happy halloween!  Craziness!  This week has been pretty good.  Had to come in early on halloween so we played a ton of games of uno, caution taped the bathroom door, and just relaxed haha.  We've had some fun experiences talking to different types of people out and abouts so it's been a blast.  We have been visiting families recently and there's so many hilarious ones here.  We've had a lot of good laughs haha.  Not much else to talk about this week I hope y'all have a great week and if you haven't been on or made a profile do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Love you all! 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Hello everyone!
Happy early halloween!  Hope everyone has some fun stuff planned out for the holiday!  On saturday we had a ward party, it was really fun!  My companion and I went as alma the younger and amulek haha.  Clever costumes I know haha.  It was cool tho we got to talk to a lot of people and get to know our ward better!  We had our first real snow storm this week too.  It started snowing during the night and then we woke up to snow on the ground a bit and on the cars.  Nuts!  It's nice and pretty now tho haha.  We have a few new people to try and work with and hopefully it will go well!  We just had a new ward mission leader called and he's a big byu fan so it should be good haha.  On saturday Elder Schmalz was feeling sick so we ended up staying inside most the day and I did a ton of cleaning and organizing, I went through our old records like 3 times it was awesome haha.  Otherwise there's not much else to talk about, I hit 21 months on Friday and halloween on wednesday!  Love you all hope to hear from ya all soon via letter!  haha God bless 
The snow storm! 
How exchanges with my zone leader started... The Clegginator! 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


hey everyone! 
This week has been pretty awesome!  We had interviews with our mission president, that's always awesome!  On monday we played football and I saw my life flash before my eyes!  I was a recipient of a pass and two opponents went up for the interception and collided hard against eachother it was nuts!  Haha my team ended up winning which is all that matters :)  We now are focusing a lot on teaching members and it's been awesome!  I've gotten to get to know members a whole lot more!  It's awesome.  Otherwise not a whole lot to report on, just keepin on plugging away!  Love you all God Bless! 


Hello everyone! 
This week has been pretty good!  We saw some cool miracles!  We were able to recontact some people we had been trying to work with before, and found some new people through knocking doors!  We met a member who we didn't know and was looking for help an hour before we showed up at their door!  That was an awesome experience.  Anyone who says prayers aren't answered is crazy!  We went to sonic one day and it turns out a member was working there so he gave us a bunch of coupons for free food haha.  It was awesome!  We have lots of fun stuff planned for this week so it should be super exciting!  Anyway I love you all take care! 


Hey everyone!
this week has been nuts!  Had transfers, and immediately afterward we had a baptism!  It's super cool!  I thought it would be an awesome start for my new companion fresh into the mission field to start off his mission.  he's an awesome guy for sure!  I'm gonna love serving with him.  Then we had conference this week which was great!  I learned so much from the prophet and apostles this weekend.  I hope everyone had a chance to listen to them speak to us.  We found out on thursday that they scheduled our car to get some body work done this week so we're biking again!  Yay!  Haha it's gonna be awesome.  It's weird cause Elder Schmalz, like shhmaltsis the first companion I've had that hasn't been on bike haha so for once I'm not getting left in the dust!  It's only for a week so we'll have a week for awesome miracles!  Sacrafice brings forth blessings!  It's gotten a lot colder here and all the leaves are changing!  It's definitely fall!  Anyway love you all take care God Bless!



Hello everyone!!  
Happy 20 Months?~?!?!!?!?!?!  That's just freaky.  This week has been awesome!  I for sure am training the next two transfers, I'm excited but also nervous.  Which also means that I'll be in 17th ward the longest of my mission and will only have 6 weeks left when I'm eligible to move again!  Crazy!  So we had a baptism on sunday, it was awesome!  I got to see one again!!!  We also have one scheduled for tomorrow and after that I'm back to square one haha.  Anyway I'm out of time I love you all God Bless!! 


Hello everyone!  
This week has been pretty awesome!  Had lots of crazy busy-ness to take care of and what not!  One of the definite highlights was getting to hear Elder Holland speak to the mission on saturday!  It was so cool because he was talking about revelation and while he talked he walked around the chapel and made eye contact and talked to missionaries specifically!  It was so awesome!  We've been working with a few new people as well, so that's going really good!  It's just awesome to be a missionary really!  I love it for sure!  i hope yall are doing well and are staying safe and enjoying the fall!  God bless! 


Ollo everyone! 
I hope everyone has had a great week!  This one has been pretty good here.  We got blessed to do a lot of service this week which was fun!  I love doing service!  We got invited to some youth soccer games this week by people we're working with also so it was a blast to watch some soccer!  haha.  For a day straight it rained here, and was cloudy pretty much the whole next day.  When the clouds broke, it had snowed on pikes peak!  Already snowing in september.  Awesome.  Haha.  One family we visited, is doing a "man up" challenge which involved getting bitten by a snapping turtle.  The turtles weren't biting so now we're thinking of how to "up" it and be even more of a man haha.  This is what happens when everyone in your ward is in the army!  Sunday was awesome.  Went to a baptism for the other companionship, which was awesome.  Afterward I wanted to stop by an investigator who we hadn't seen in a while.  We saw her and she told us she a sunday off work so she could come to church and get baptized!  Huzzah!  Super awesome miracle!  I'm way pumped for her.  It's gonna be a great day!  Anyway I love you all and hope the best for you!  If ya ever have free time I won't turn away mail haha God bless! 
Pikes peak with snow!
My comp's presidential candidate speech at a zone meeting, wearing a batman mask and a mullet... Awesome. 


Hello everybody! 
This week has been pretty good!  We have some new people we're working with so we're expecting some good times!  We've really been getting to know some of the families here quite well and it's awesome cause now I have a bunch of people to harass as much as possible!  Haha.  I had a pretty neat experience this week.  We were watching Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration with a family, and during it I had an epiphany.  I realized that there I was, in what used to be a strangers but now a great friend's home, a long ways from home, watching a movie about Joseph Smith.  And I loved every minute of it.  I was so hapy to be there, and realized again how much being a missionary means to me.  I love it!  Otherwise I never would have been there.  It's such an awesome and unique experience to serve and help others have happiness.  On sunday we had an investigator make friends with a 7 year old cause he wanted to come talk to us, and it was just such a great time.  I love this work and testify that the gospel=happiness.  I love you all God Bless!  Check out my profile!


Hello everyone! 
happy 19 months!!  It seems like just yesterday it was 18!!  That the crap?!  This week was awesome!  We had William's baptism on saturday!  Yay!!  Afterward we found some new people to work with who want to get baptized!!  Super awesome!!  Then the other companionship in my district had a baptism on sunday!  It was awesome cause the font wasn't full completely and the baptism was supposed to start, so I went in and "made some adjustments" to finish filling it up in time.  Basically I came in and tried to save the day by overriding the settings haha.  But it was successful!  On sunday we got another investigator who has a baptismal date for Oct 5th, yeah buddy.  God has been blessing us so much recently it's been hard to keep up with!  I'm super grateful!  Oh on saturday we had victory ice cream for both baptisms, and bought celebration bat man masks.  It's freakin sweet!  It's been so great to be a part of this work, and am so happy that I've been blessed to be here.  Oh man do I love it!  Love you all God Bless and be happy!  Oh and share some love *cough* write a missionary *cough* haha. 
William and his dad, who baptized him. 
the weed whacker cord went though my shoe!
This sums up my last few transfers.  Elder Guzman and Bredthauer from Pueblo, and Elder Warr in my district last transfer.  This is during transfer meeting haha. 


Hey guys
So this is going to be short but WE HAVE A BAPTISM THIS WEEKEND!!!!  WO0O0O0O0O0O0O0O0O  I'm pretty excited!  It's ben a good week this week!  New companion, he's awesome.  It's definitely gonna be a good transfer.  We have some new people we're working with too so there's tons of promise!  Anyway love you all God bless! 


Hello everyone!  
Transfer day is here again but I'm not leaving!  Haha.  This week has been great, we've seen some cool miracles and are trying to work with some new people who are interested.  Today for pday so far we went disc golfing again, and man I'm not good at all haha but it's fun.  I'm getting a new companion, which is always exciting.  I guess there's not a whole lot to talk about this week, just an average week.  Been just loving life, I love being a missionary.  It's the best thing ever.  I love you all god bless!

Monday, August 13, 2012


Hello everyone!

So do these things still get published or what?  Haha this week has been crazy!  Monday WE WENT TO THE ZOO!!!!!  WHO0O0O0O0O0O0O0O0O0O0O0 haha it was awesome.  I saw an orangutan who gave people kisses through glass, and another gorilla vomit, then eat it's own vomit.  Twice.  Awesome.  Plus I got a sick shirt!  Tuesday was a super awesome and spiritual zone conference, I was super pumped!  Didn't get the cleanest car award, but oh well.  Then on thursday we went on exchanges with 16th ward elders, when I met the Raught family!  Haha super awesome.  It was awesome to meet them!  Friday we had a zone training meeting (it's a new thing we're doing where zone leaders host a meeting for the zone and we discuss problems and what not) it was super awesome too!  But unfortunately, we had no investigators at church.  It was cool tho cause it helped me recognize and understand once again, the lord's timing.  Sometimes we do all we can, but you just have to wait a little longer.  I was praying a lot about it this week, and all I kept getting was just to wait it out.  So there's definitely good stuff in the future.  Yesterday evening we went to a child's baptism, it was such a great reminder of why we as missionaries are out here.  We didn't do anything really to help them prepare but it was awesome just to feel the spirit so strong.  The church is true.  Then the family fed us, bonus!  Haha oh and while I'm typing this I wanted to invite EVERYONE who reads this to log onto  It's way awesome.  If you're a member, make a profile.  If you're not, check some profiles out.  I will be having one made probably by next monday, so ya can look for me this week at some point!  It's super awesome, and making profiles and telling others about your profile will be a great blessing to missionaries worldwide!  I love you all God Bless!


Flying eagle CRAW!!!!

Bear Knucks

Matching zoo shirts!

The Raughts!


Hello Everyone!
Happy 18 months?!  Sheesh.  Nutso.  My comp made me breakfast on thursday.  What a sweetheart right?!  He's awesome!  This week has been pretty good, not a whole lot to report on.  On monday we got a ton of rain, it flooded everything!!  Crazy man.  It was nice tho cause the area really needed it.  On saturday we walked out side and, that's right, IT WAS FOOTBALL WEATHER!!  I could just smell the pigskin in the air haha.  I started having my cravings already haha.  And to add onto that, I got into a debate over if the eagles or steelers are gonna win on thursday with a member haha.  It was awesome.  Oh I had my first MRE this week, it's not bad!  There's a member here who gave us some and is a jack of all trades, so he's teaching us some skills.  He has a 50's willeys jeep that he's working on so it's almost like an exchange, I'm helping him with that haha.  It's awesome.  Yesterday there was a recent convert fireside and it was awesome cause I got to see some members from previous area that went and also the spirit was super strong!  I love RCFs because it's so amazing to see and hear people who just recently came into the Gospel and were baptized and hear how much it's already effected their lives.  So super powerful!  Anyway I love you all take care!  God Bless!
Some cool storm clouds around pikes peak.  I felt semi artistic but not really haha.


Hello everyone!
Happy 18 months on thursday!!!  What the...  That's wierd.  This week has been a good one!  We picked up a few new investigators, hopefully it'll go somewhere!  We went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders which was way fun.  The zone leader I was with is super awesome and I enjoyed working with him for a day.  What else...  Oh we went over to an investigator's house for dinner and they have some horses for dogs, it was super aweseome cause they're super friendly.  So they just started attacking me for loves haha.  It was great.  That's what the picture is.  Oh so we were talking with a person who is semi interested and they were telling me about how they work a night shift and another person working it thought they say a chupicabra haha.  It was super funny.  Oh and last but not least, We found out we have a bed bug infestation.  It looks like I have chicken pox again haha but we're getting it taken care of this week.  Love you all God Bless!


Hey everybody!

This week has been pretty good, seen some cool miracles as we've been going out doing our thing!  We've tried to see people that missionaries were working with before, and sometimes we've met them and they're still at least semi interested and other times we'll knock some doors around and a few times we've found people who accepted a return appt.  Pretty awesome.  There's so many awesome members in this ward too.  I've learned so much about the army in the last two weeks haha.  It's pretty awesome.  On thursday I got to help shovel rocks with a green beret and a combat medic.  That made me feel cool that I was able to do that with some warriors haha.  Elder Behrmann and I have been having some fun telling stories of Kansas and all the such as well haha.  His first two areas were Dodge City and Garden city, the two biggest towns that are in our part of kansas.  I keep telling him that Goodland is where it was at haha.  Anyway I love you all God bless!


First is a family from pueblo we were working with.  Rain is gonna get baptized!

Craziness with the spanish missionaries and then the other is with my district.  I don't remember which I attached first haha

Amurrika car!!  Found that here in springs.  If you notice there's a gold eagle attached to the hood and red tint windows.  AMURRIKA!!!


Hey Errone!

man I gotta say it's nice to wake up in the mornings and not have sore legs!!  Thank goodness I am blessed with a car this transfer!  haha.  The new area is pretty sweet!  I actually cover Fort Carson so we go onto post all the time.  It's a very different way of life out there it seems.  Pretty cool tho there's lots of awesome people out there.  So this week has been crazy!  Wednesday was the big move day, thursday we had interviews with President, and friday was district meeting and we had to get some stuff done on the car.  So all in all we only had one full work day haha.  It was fun tho.  The "nicer" areas here are the way nice ones in my last area haha.  Elder Behrmann my companion is a cool dude, he's taught me some new games already haha.  We have one person with a date right now for a little ways out but a ton of other people who are close to getting a date so I'm super excited to be here.  It's pretty here too, lots of greenery (compared to Pueblo).  Anyway love you all God Bless!


Happy 4th of July!!

Hope everyone had a safe and awesome holiday this week!  It's been a pretty eventful week.  The 4th of course is always awesome, we had some good work that day.  It was funny too we didn't need to go to a fireworks show to see some, cause even tho it was illegal all our neighbors were lighting them off haha.  Our investigator with a date is still doing awesome, that's super exciting!  For the end of the week we were on temporary exchanges with Elder Jensen our zone leader which has been crazy.  He was in my first district so it's been a blast joking around with him so much again haha.  We've had some good fun for sure and he introduced me to king taco, an awesome restaurant for sure!  On sunday we had an investigator come to church and had another family text us and tell us that they wanted to come but wouldn't make it before services started.  But afterward we went and visited the family and they're super awesome.  I'm way excited for them!  Hopefully they'll get baptized and I can come down for it!  So tomorrow I'm getting moved again to Fountain 17th ward, nearby where I served in 18th but not quite.  I'm super sad to be leaving, especially since things have gotten so awesome here but it'll be good.  I'll have a car finally!  Haha even tho I don't have any idea where I'll be driving haha.  Anyway love you all God Bless and keep me in your prayers!!


Hello everyone!!

Happy 17 months!!  That's flippin nuts.  It should not be that big yet.  Oh well life goes on!  This week has been busy!  We've been doing a lot of service recently.  Elder Bredthauer and I figured it out that we spent 6-7 hours in two days with shovels in our hands haha.  Pretty sweet.  One project was digging a hole for a sewer line problem and after a series of people going to help at different times Elder Bredthauer and I got it to 7 feet.  Pretty awesome, we put in a nice step system too haha.  Oh, I finally got another flat tire yesterday!!  Kinda random, my tube slid inside my rim, but it's all good cause I had an extra waiting at the apt haha.  So we have a new investigator, and it's pretty sweet cause they're originally from farmington, nm!  Hey I know that place!  Haha.  It's a small world!  Elder Bredthauer and I have been getting creative this week, and he's mastered being a sniper with a blow gun for nerf darts.  He crawled under a bed at another missionaries' apartment and took them out when we were there haha.  Anyway love you all God Bless!!!!


Hello everyone

This week has been crazy!  Been long but hey I made it!  We've had record heat here of 107 and it's been quite challenging, especially since I am definitely not a heat kinda person haha.  I'm trying to learn new tricks and ideas to stay cool haha.  We've been working with some people still hopefully they're really embrace the gospel in the near future.  OH!!!  Yesterday I got bit for the first time by a dog!!  Dang chihua haha.  Didn't even get close to breaking the skin but it still hurt.  Then before that we had a "former member" scream at us and told us never to come back.  He wouldn't even hear us out about how he can keep the church from contacting him haha.  Good old Pueblo.  Anyway love you all God Bless!


Hey everyone

Man who turned up the thermostat!  Sheesh.  This week was a way good one but dang it was hawt!!  So we had a specialized training on tuesday which was way awesome.  President and the APs talked about 3 types of missionaries: ones that serve because of fear, duty, and love.  It was way cool!  I loved being hearing about it and all that I learned.  Definitely a revelatory experience.  On saturday we had a ward barbeque that almost got rained out, they just moved it to the church and the rain stopped just in time to still cook so it was good!  We afterwards went and stopped by a house that used to be taught by the missionaries and ended up playing some street football for an hour with their boys.  I was doing great but sadly Elder Bredthauer burned everyone deep including me and caught a deep ball for the winning catch.  Dang it.  But afterward we got to talk to the whole family more and they invited us back which is awesome.  We're really excited for more football!!  I mean er... visiting them haha.  Either way, all of it was totally worth the blister I got on my big toe from running in crappy dress shoes haha.  I hope y'all have a great week God Bless!


Hey everybody!

This week has been pretty good!  It's pretty sweet at one point we had 3 people with baptismal dates!!  Only one made it but either way that's a lot of people to be working with!  It's pretty exciting.  It has been flipping HOT this week!  On saturday we ended up biking a bunch and it was high 90 or so, pretty crazy!  We stopped at one point and just sat in shade for a minute or two haha.  Pretty sweet.  Things with being a district leader has been going good, the district is doing awesome.  Elder Bredthauer is freakin cool as ever haha he has been jumping on a trampoline with one of our investigators and doing all sorts of cool tricks haha.  Oh a family we visit found a baby turtle in their back yard!!!!!  Nuts!  But way awesome.  Anyway love you all take care and God Bless!


Happy 16 months!

Man it's crazy to think I'm actually 2/3 done with my mission!  That's crazy!  Things have been going good here tho!  We have some great new elders in mydistrict and in the surrounding areas!  It's  been a blast getting to know them better for sure.  The work has been kind of slow, most of our set appointments which was a bummer but we have soem sweet stuff coming up in the near future.  Hopefully soon we'll have some  people we'll be teaching!  Either way I'm excited for it haha.  On saturday we found an off road trail that I would have taken my 4x4 on so we biked on it haha it was pretty sweet!  But anyway I had probably go I love you all God Bless!


Hello everyone

Man this week has been pretty crazy!  There have been colds going on and companions down with illness but it's been aweseome still!!  Elder Bredthauer and I are able to be entertained quite easily haha.  We have gotten into a almost scavenger hunt with a bakugan toy things in our apartment.  I think the best is I put it on the shower faucet so when Elder Bredthauer went to turn it on it was sitting there.  Pretty awesome.  Ran into a bunch of crazy people as usual, a guy told us to chase down cars and bug them, and then talked about he can't have a car so he has to walk everywhere.  To which we pointed out, the fact that we were on bikes while talking to him haha.  Memorial day was pretty cool, we didn't see much success but saw some sweet jeeps and 4x4s in driveways haha.  We helped a family move out of their home on wednesday and the storage shed they have has courtesy cart things.  So we took a recliner on the cart and the whole time my companion rode on the recline haha.  I'm a good leader, I serve others haha.  Anyway love you all hope you all were safe and had a great memorial day!


So, this weekend I took over another district until transfers, so I've had to talk to 3 companionships a night then zone leaders.  This is what district meeting looked like haha

Elder Bredthauer and I on a scenic bike ride

Hail from the hail storm

Notha pic from the river trail.


Herro Errone

This week has been pretty awesome!  Been hot as all get out!  But still awesome.  We've started playing an intense game of slug bug everywhere we have been going, which is intense on bikes haha.  We got a few new investigators also that we found from tracting or just talking to people out on the streets, which is super cool!  We worked on  a street called kickapoo road which was freakin cool haha.  Then yesterday we were unlocking our bikes after an unsuccessful tracting session when a family we met before stopped by and invited us over haha.  Freakin cool.  Last night we got home and were visiting our neighbor and we were off our bikes for only about 5 minutes when it started hailing way bad.  It was liek the size of marbles haha it was intense!!  But made for a good video haha.  Anyway love you all God Bless!


Hello everyone!

This week was pretty awesome!  Had some awesome adventures.  First off, I've began learning how to wheelie which is super awesome haha.  And I only flipped my bike over once so far!  I'm doing pretty good!  Haha.  We taught seminary on friday, and getting there on our bikes was crazy for sure!  We were digging to China one day, helping dig out a sewer line which was way fun haha.  There has been some awesome random laughs with Elder Bredthauer.  We've been making up our own songs and whatnot the last few days haha.  Today we might do a slackline thing, pretty sweet.  yesterday I was at a leadership training meeting, it was pretty interesting, kinda weird to be there honestly.  It reminded me I'm supposed to be responsible haha.  It was cool tho still.  I got to see some missionaries who are leaving (like Elder Clark, my homie)  and got a bunch of new revelation and what not.  Its sweet.  Anyway love you all God Bless!

Monday, May 14, 2012


Happy Cinco De Mayo and 15 months! 
This week was pretty busy!!  We had another investigator for a date on the 20th, but we'll be rescheduling them for the week after.  We had zone conference on friday and district meeting on saturday, it was weird to have them switched like that.  But hey, gave me another day to prepare for district meeting haha.  This week was hotter than all get out!!  It has been in the 90's while we're out biking.  Crazy!  We found this river trail that runs us up alongside the Fountain creek thing, it's way nice for having to get to the north end of our area.  While we were on it I almost caught a lizard haha.  Then I saw a big old snake slither across it ahead of me but it got into the brush too quickly to try and catch haha.  It's been fun!  I put a ridiculously loud bugle horn on my bike, and while we were out we found some Mr potato head eyes, so we turned the bugle horn into a face!  It's pretty sweet, you can be jealous now.  Oh and  I fixed a swamp cooler!  Went back to my roots there haha good stuff.  I can't think of anything else to write which is probably good cause these computers are really lame and freeze all the time as well as it has no leniency for running over time haha.  I hope everyone has an awesome mothers day thanks for all you do moms.  Love you all God Bless!


... and then I sat down and I thought, man that dude looks really familiar.
This week has been awesome!!  We've seen some goos success, have an investigator with a baptismal date for the 20th, and some others on the way!!  Elder Bredthauer is great, I've been laughing so hard the last few days just cause we've been doing weird things.  HE TAUGHT ME HOW TO BUNNY HOP!!!  Haha.  Yesterday we had to speak and as I was talking I thought  I say a guy keep looking at me.  Once I sat down I started to connect it, but thought it couldn't be.  But as it turns out, it was my bradda Coye.  It was awesome to see that fool haha.  Oh also on monday I took the Habanero challenge!!  Ate an entire habanero pepper, and my stomach still hurts haha.  I kept it down like a champ tho!!  Have to feel like a true Puebloian now!!  Haha.  It's been a great week, awesome opportunities to share the Gospel and the happiness I have.  I wouldn't trade it for anything!  Love you all God Bless!


Hello errbody
Man this week has been crazy!!  New area, new comp, new responsibilities, new ways of working, new bike rim coming, just new everything.  Stupid bike rim.  I gotta say I love pueblo so far, there's so many people out and about so we have lots of chances to talk to people.  We have an investigator taught by previous missionaries, they're working towards baptism.  Pretty exciting.  Being a District Leader is pretty cool, I get to know the other elders a lot better.  They're awesome guys as well.  Working hard, even tho theyr'e the jerks who have a car haha.  This week I did my first district meeting agenda, it was pretty cool.  The bad part is I have to do one weekly, and we were asked to speak on sunday so now we have double duty haha.  There's a lot of great people in the ward that we've met so far, both my comp and I are new to the ward so it's been pretty interesting.  But ofcourse, it's been awesome!!  Love you all God Bless!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Happy Easter!! 
I hope everyone had a great time remembering our Lord and Saivor's resurrection.  What a great blessing it is.  I know that because of it we can all overcome death, just as He did. 
This week was pretty good!  Had exchanges with Elder kannan the district leader.  It was a blast to be in an old area and with an old companion.  Meanwhile his companion was riding my bike and so when I got back to my area I had two broken spokes.  He hasn't heard the end of it yet haha.  So my bike has been feeling more like riding a bucking bull or something haha.  It's all good tho I'm getting it fixed today!  (hopefully haha)  On saturday we taught a sweet little girl and she wants to get baptized!  We have a baptism scheduled for her on may 5th, I'm super excited for her.  Anyway love you all God Bless!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


hello everyone
happy 14 months!!  Not much to report on this week, but conference was great!!  Did a bunch of service this week, I raked a yard for 1 1/2 hours, pretty awesome haha.  So far nothing else really happening.  We have a few people that we are starting to work with.  Nothing solid yet tho.  Anyway love you all God bless!  Sorry it's short until the next time!  

Elder Nielson!!


Howdy Yall
Man this week has been crazy.  Went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders, that was fun.  It's been beautiful weather all week, kinda hope it stays like it is right now.  We were able to find a new investigator with a date, hopefully it will go good with him!  He's a really cool guy.  Let's see what else happened.  Oh, we're working with this couple from Tennessee and they're hilarious.  They fed us some hot sauce one time and it literally burned my tongue haha.  We also got educated on how to talk properly. Good times!!  Yesterday we were crossing a busy intersection and my kickstand fell off, that was pretty crazy haha.  Otherwise it's been a good week, not much else to report on.  Love you all God bless
Y'all have a good'n!!


Hey everyone
This week has been a fairly good one.  Nothing really new happened.  I have now gone two weeks without crashing on my bike so that's good!  Hopefully I can keep it up haha. We have a few new people who might have some interest in the church but nothing too solid as of right now.  On  sunday President and Sister Anderson spoke in Sacrament meeting and it was great.  He also is having us as missionaries shift our focus.  It has been announced that we are not supposed to put tracting as a primary plan for the day, but to always plan for teaching people.  It's going to be very weird since, especially in a lot of my areas you find off of knocking doors, but I'm excited for it.  It'll bring great things.  Our ward mission leader is on board too so I'm sure we'll see great things from it.  Anyway love you all thanks for the support!


Thursday, March 15, 2012


Hello everyone

This week has been a different one.  New companion, looking for new people to work with.  We had a guy call us on wednesday and he told us his son just moved into the ward who is less active and has a non member wife.  Hopefully we can visit with them.  He came to church yesterday and is a really great guy.  I'm excited to get to know him better.  Anyway was gonna upload pics but running out of time love you all the church is true!


Happy Spring!!!
Man this week has been good!  Cassidy got baptized on saturday, confirmed and given the aaronic priesthood on sunday!!  YEAH!!!!  He's such an awesome guy.  I'm happy for him and the blessings it will bring into his life.  Elder Ellsworth performed the baptism and I did the confirmation.  Perdy schweet.  Oh no bike wrecks this week either!!  Haha.  It's been a good week.  After the baptism we went out to meet with a referral that we had just got and hadn't been able to contact.  He went to temple square in october and has read the book of mormon and know that the church was true from all of his studies in the bible!!  Awesome!!  The only problem is we're going to have to transition him.  Either way he's found what he has been looking for.  Oh transfer time!  I'm staying but getting a new comp.  Exciting!  Love you all God bless!


Hello everyone
Well, despite3 eating it twice on my bike this week it's been pretty good!!  We had zone conference, we talked about having love and showing it to everyone we talk to.  As missionaries we meet people all the time and automatically love them, but sometimes it's hard to truly show that thru our actions and conversations with those people.  Also learned about "real growth" in the church.  It was awesome.  The next day however wasn't.  We went out biking in snowy weather with 100 mph gusts of wind apparently haha.  But, our baptism on saturday is still looking good!!  WhoOoOoOoOoOo.  It's scheduled so all we gotta do is get the green light and it's a go!  It's so great to finally have someone again that I can see the entire process from beginning to end.  I love being a missionary.  To help the world in this manner is the greatest thing ever.  I love you all thanks for all the support God bless.


I can (almost) ride my bike with no handle bars, no handle bars, no handle bars...
Hello everyone!!  This week has been pretty good, got the opportunity to do a lot of service this week, as well as work with our person who has a baptismal date!!  It's been awesome to work with him.  The saying is true, that we baptize our best friends, and I really feel that's true in this case.  I love this guy and am at awe with all that he has gone through.  His whole family is so kind and willing to help even tho they don't really have anything to give.  It's still looking good for the upcoming week.  I'm excited.  That's really the big thing we have had going on this week otherwise nothing really to talk about.  Just the usual crazy stuff that missionaries always have haha.  I am so glad to be a part of this work and to move it forward.  Oh and thanks so much to anyone who sent things for valentines day, I hope everyone had a great holiday.  Love you all the church is true!!
What is that up on that rooftop you ask?!  Why that's Elder Nielson painting an exhaust vent on the second story!!  Gotta love service haha

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Hello everyone!!
Man this week has been crazy!!  It's been cooooooollllllllllllllllllllldddddddd again!!  Snowed all day on saturday.  But on a lighter note we have had a good week!  We have a new person with a date for the 3rd of march, we're really excited for him and he's excited!!!  He's an awesome guy.  Also, 3 people in my last area got baptized on saturday!!!  Yeahyah!!  I was able to go to the baptism and give the missionary moment, man it was awesome to still be involved in the baptism.  It was so great and the spirit was indeed present, it was very strong.  Otherwise it's been an average week this week.  Nothing else really going on.  Man I love this work :-)  I hope all of you have a great week and have a happy valentines day!!  I will be accepting valentines, just saying haha.  Love you all!
Andre and his wife on the day of baptism
Lilly and Kaleo her son ready to be baptized.  Along with Elder Clark and Allen in both photos. 

Friday, February 10, 2012


Happy one year!!!!!!?!!?!?!!?!?!
Hello everyone!
This week has been awesome!!  I got the opportunity to go up to the temple since I am halfway done!!  Man it was so peaceful to be there and great to be around so many familiar faces.  The visit and talk we were able to have with the aps and president were awesome as well.  A cool experience happened yesterday.  We went out knocking doors and no one answered.  Finally someone did and immediately sent us away cause the bowl had started.  Well we decided to quit since no one was going to want to talk to us after that.  As we were unlocking our bikes, I heard clanking of tools in a garage of the house right next to our bikes.  I felt like we needed to go talk to him and as we did had a nice conversation with a guy working on aligning his stuts.  We got a return appointment for sunday.  It just proves to show that the spirit will lead you to where you need to go, as long as you listen.  I love this work haha.  Oh and GIANTS BABY!!!!  Called it!  Haha love you all take care and be safe.
the group for our Jubilee, a few people were missing, couldn't make it at the time. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Hello everyone!!

Man this week has been crazy!! Just this morning we moved into a new house, which will be awesome!  Had some bike fun, including falling off and sliding for awhile, (no worries, didn't even get cut haha) and walking a ton since my companion's bike needed some work!  But the best part is one of the people we've been teaching since I got here is preparing for baptism!!!  They decided that it is going to help them get  back to God, and that meeting with us is helping.  Right now the date is on the 25th of Feb.  So exciting!!!  I guess they've met with missionaries many times before too.  So I guess it's just time.  How blessed I am to be part of that.  Also other good news, 3 people in my last area have baptismal dates for the 11th, huzzah!!  I'm way excited for them too.  Great things are happening!!  I know that this work is great, and am so thankful to be a part of it.  It's so awesome to see people's lives change and improve for the better, that's what it's all about.  I love trying to share christlike love.  Otherwise I can't think of anything else, I love you all and be safe out there!!


Hey everyone

Transfers again this week, but I'm not going anywhere!  Haha still got another 6 weeks to look forward to on a bike!  This week has been alright, one of the young men in the ward got me new brake pads and put them on for me.  Way cool kid, I really appreciated it!  Found a few new potential people to work with and teach, hopefully it goes well.  On a good note, I've been able to bike further distances and all that, so I've improved!!  Haha.  Anyway love you all hope you are doing well and god bless!!

Ps one year down next week!!  Yeah Baybee!!!!!


Oh I like to ride my bicycle wherever I may go...

Hello everyone I hope there have been good weeks all around!  This week has been pretty busy.  Still lots of biking and running around.  My legs are still sore to the poke haha.  Not many big events happened this week, We had interviews which are always good.  There was a lot of cool families who we ate with this week, some of them are helping me keep up on my bike so I won't die haha.  It's been pretty cool tho I've had some awesome experiences praying this week.  God definitely answers prayers when we're sincere.  It makes me sad when people won't believe that and aren't even willing to try.  All I guess we can really do is bear testimony and hope for the best!! Love you all take care and God Bless!