Thursday, March 15, 2012


Hello everyone

This week has been a different one.  New companion, looking for new people to work with.  We had a guy call us on wednesday and he told us his son just moved into the ward who is less active and has a non member wife.  Hopefully we can visit with them.  He came to church yesterday and is a really great guy.  I'm excited to get to know him better.  Anyway was gonna upload pics but running out of time love you all the church is true!


Happy Spring!!!
Man this week has been good!  Cassidy got baptized on saturday, confirmed and given the aaronic priesthood on sunday!!  YEAH!!!!  He's such an awesome guy.  I'm happy for him and the blessings it will bring into his life.  Elder Ellsworth performed the baptism and I did the confirmation.  Perdy schweet.  Oh no bike wrecks this week either!!  Haha.  It's been a good week.  After the baptism we went out to meet with a referral that we had just got and hadn't been able to contact.  He went to temple square in october and has read the book of mormon and know that the church was true from all of his studies in the bible!!  Awesome!!  The only problem is we're going to have to transition him.  Either way he's found what he has been looking for.  Oh transfer time!  I'm staying but getting a new comp.  Exciting!  Love you all God bless!


Hello everyone
Well, despite3 eating it twice on my bike this week it's been pretty good!!  We had zone conference, we talked about having love and showing it to everyone we talk to.  As missionaries we meet people all the time and automatically love them, but sometimes it's hard to truly show that thru our actions and conversations with those people.  Also learned about "real growth" in the church.  It was awesome.  The next day however wasn't.  We went out biking in snowy weather with 100 mph gusts of wind apparently haha.  But, our baptism on saturday is still looking good!!  WhoOoOoOoOoOo.  It's scheduled so all we gotta do is get the green light and it's a go!  It's so great to finally have someone again that I can see the entire process from beginning to end.  I love being a missionary.  To help the world in this manner is the greatest thing ever.  I love you all thanks for all the support God bless.


I can (almost) ride my bike with no handle bars, no handle bars, no handle bars...
Hello everyone!!  This week has been pretty good, got the opportunity to do a lot of service this week, as well as work with our person who has a baptismal date!!  It's been awesome to work with him.  The saying is true, that we baptize our best friends, and I really feel that's true in this case.  I love this guy and am at awe with all that he has gone through.  His whole family is so kind and willing to help even tho they don't really have anything to give.  It's still looking good for the upcoming week.  I'm excited.  That's really the big thing we have had going on this week otherwise nothing really to talk about.  Just the usual crazy stuff that missionaries always have haha.  I am so glad to be a part of this work and to move it forward.  Oh and thanks so much to anyone who sent things for valentines day, I hope everyone had a great holiday.  Love you all the church is true!!
What is that up on that rooftop you ask?!  Why that's Elder Nielson painting an exhaust vent on the second story!!  Gotta love service haha