Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hey everyone!  I hope all is well!  It's gonna be kinda short today cause I don't have a whole lot of time but I love my new area!  The members I live with are awesome!  The district is really fun too, and so is my comp.  He's taught me how to play pokemon again haha.  I had to get a deck so I wouldn't be left out from the district.  My comp is a Utahan so he's obviously cool.  I've met some awesome people in these wards so far, and I cover the mission president's ward that he never goes to haha.  I'm thinking he should be added onto our list of people to visit and invite to church haha.  Well not much else going on, just kinda getting settled.  The church is true and I love being a missionary!!

Elder Nielson!!
Brother Scott is awesome.
The Engeseth family at their best!  

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Hello everyone!
It's been an exciting week this week.  We went tracting and had a bunch of adventures.  That's always fun!  We were then priviliged to teach a lesson to a minister, it was really a different experience.  It was good tho cause he respected our beliefs just as we respected his and just taught about what is different between the two.  It was awesome.  We had dinner with a family who had a nonmember over as well and he came to church with us on sunday for sacrament meeting.  He's a really nice guy.  I'm moving, that's news I guess.  I'm going to the north east part of springs, hopefully it'll be good!  My mtc comp is coming here so I'll definitely call to harass both of my old comps haha.  Otherwise I don't have a whole lot to say today, I hope everyone is good and I testify that the church is true!

Elder Nielson!!

This is me hanging outside of the church by the 'rola with a big old storm coming over us.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Hello everyone!

Real quick before I forget, anyone who might read this and MIGHT be considering sending me a letter, send it to 4090 centerpark Drive Colorado Springs CO 80916 for the next two weeks.  Transfers are coming up and there already was stuff mixed up and sent to my old address haha.  Good thing I still have the keys :).  Or if you want to just have it easier but take a few days longer you can just always send it there.  Either way.  I just like mail :)
So this week has been exciting!  We've helped people move two days this last week, and had exchanges with the zone leaders and the other area.  It's been pretty exciting tho, we found 3 potential families who seemed really interested in learning more!  We have followup appointments scheduled this week with all three!  We also met with a former and she seems still semi interested, either way she's really cool.  She was in ITS as well so I talked theater with her lol.  Oh, last night our neighbors above us were barbecuing until after I went to bed, but they brought us some at about 9:45 and it was so freakin good!  I'm now alright with their smoker being in front of our window haha.  
Well I don't have much else to talk about today, I just testify that this work is great.  I'm so blessed to be able to do this and to meet the people who tell us how much it has changed their life.  What a great opportunity.  Love you all and the church is true!

Elder Nielson!!


Hey everyone!
This week has been a pretty slow week all in all.  Not a whole lot going on really.  None of our investigators came to stake conference this weekend so the baptismal dates are moved back.  I got to shake Neil L. Anderson's hand tho which was wicked cool!  He thanked Elder Cryer and I for our service, then said how it was hard to lose such a great mission President.  Elder Cryer said yeah but we're looking forward to President Anderson.  To which Elder Anderson said "He's got a good name!"  I can now say I've joked with an Apostle.  Pretty sweet.  
We met again with an older gentleman who we found while tracting a week ago, he's a really cool guy.  He's looking pretty promising for us, he's been taught before but said he couldn't commit.  But it sure seems like he wants something to be connected to.  He said he would "probably stop by the church this week to check up on us (Elder Cryer and I)"  I'll take it.  We went on team ups with a soon to be missionary from one of the wards, he was a blast to work with.  We came across this tough looking guy, didn't talk to us much until I commented on his sweet car on the street.  Pictures to follow.  But he started talking to us a lot, still wasn't interested but his persona still changed.  He even let us open up the doors to get pictures of the interior, it was pretty cool.  Otherwise there hasn't been a whole lot of new stuff going on that I can remember.  I hope everyone is well, and I testify that this church contains the Gospel of Jesus Christ restored to the Earth once more.  I've experienced it, and been able to see it in other's lives.  Love you all, God bless.  

Elder Nielson!!


Happy late memorial day!!
Man I'm so disappointed, I only got to go to one barbecue!  For shame.  I hope everyone has had a great opportunity to give thanks for all the soldiers have done for us.  It's given me a new perspective, knowing so many veterans now. 
This last week has been an interesting one, raining then hot then cold and so on.  It's made trying to talk to people quite difficult.  We had zone conference this friday, my first and only one with President Pfile.  I'm sure going to miss him.  The spirit was so strong there it was crazy.  We focused a lot of the atonement and plan of salvation. 
This sunday is Stake Conference, Neil L Anderson is going to be presiding!  I'm pretty excited for it!  The best part is we'll have investigators there for once!!  Yay!!!
Which leads me to next topic, we have a guy with a baptismal date!  We got a referral from our zone leaders about Aaron so we went to meet him yesterday.  He told us he wants to be baptized, and knows he has to come to church 3 times before hand so when and where is the meeting kinda thing.  He also wants to come and see the apostle talk so we're pretty excited about it!!  Just in the knick of time too, cause this transfer is a week shorter than normal cause of the mission president change.  We're pretty excited about it for sure!!!!!!!
Otherwise things here have been pretty good!  Just have been working and staying faithful!  Thanks so much everyone for the support.  I love you all and I testify that miracles happen as long as you act with faith!
Elder Nielson
Tracting treasure!  Iowa Hawkeyes antenna topper lol
Study time can get a little crazy at times... lol