Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Hello everyone!
Happy early halloween!  Hope everyone has some fun stuff planned out for the holiday!  On saturday we had a ward party, it was really fun!  My companion and I went as alma the younger and amulek haha.  Clever costumes I know haha.  It was cool tho we got to talk to a lot of people and get to know our ward better!  We had our first real snow storm this week too.  It started snowing during the night and then we woke up to snow on the ground a bit and on the cars.  Nuts!  It's nice and pretty now tho haha.  We have a few new people to try and work with and hopefully it will go well!  We just had a new ward mission leader called and he's a big byu fan so it should be good haha.  On saturday Elder Schmalz was feeling sick so we ended up staying inside most the day and I did a ton of cleaning and organizing, I went through our old records like 3 times it was awesome haha.  Otherwise there's not much else to talk about, I hit 21 months on Friday and halloween on wednesday!  Love you all hope to hear from ya all soon via letter!  haha God bless 
The snow storm! 
How exchanges with my zone leader started... The Clegginator! 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


hey everyone! 
This week has been pretty awesome!  We had interviews with our mission president, that's always awesome!  On monday we played football and I saw my life flash before my eyes!  I was a recipient of a pass and two opponents went up for the interception and collided hard against eachother it was nuts!  Haha my team ended up winning which is all that matters :)  We now are focusing a lot on teaching members and it's been awesome!  I've gotten to get to know members a whole lot more!  It's awesome.  Otherwise not a whole lot to report on, just keepin on plugging away!  Love you all God Bless! 


Hello everyone! 
This week has been pretty good!  We saw some cool miracles!  We were able to recontact some people we had been trying to work with before, and found some new people through knocking doors!  We met a member who we didn't know and was looking for help an hour before we showed up at their door!  That was an awesome experience.  Anyone who says prayers aren't answered is crazy!  We went to sonic one day and it turns out a member was working there so he gave us a bunch of coupons for free food haha.  It was awesome!  We have lots of fun stuff planned for this week so it should be super exciting!  Anyway I love you all take care! 


Hey everyone!
this week has been nuts!  Had transfers, and immediately afterward we had a baptism!  It's super cool!  I thought it would be an awesome start for my new companion fresh into the mission field to start off his mission.  he's an awesome guy for sure!  I'm gonna love serving with him.  Then we had conference this week which was great!  I learned so much from the prophet and apostles this weekend.  I hope everyone had a chance to listen to them speak to us.  We found out on thursday that they scheduled our car to get some body work done this week so we're biking again!  Yay!  Haha it's gonna be awesome.  It's weird cause Elder Schmalz, like shhmaltsis the first companion I've had that hasn't been on bike haha so for once I'm not getting left in the dust!  It's only for a week so we'll have a week for awesome miracles!  Sacrafice brings forth blessings!  It's gotten a lot colder here and all the leaves are changing!  It's definitely fall!  Anyway love you all take care God Bless!



Hello everyone!!  
Happy 20 Months?~?!?!!?!?!?!  That's just freaky.  This week has been awesome!  I for sure am training the next two transfers, I'm excited but also nervous.  Which also means that I'll be in 17th ward the longest of my mission and will only have 6 weeks left when I'm eligible to move again!  Crazy!  So we had a baptism on sunday, it was awesome!  I got to see one again!!!  We also have one scheduled for tomorrow and after that I'm back to square one haha.  Anyway I'm out of time I love you all God Bless!! 


Hello everyone!  
This week has been pretty awesome!  Had lots of crazy busy-ness to take care of and what not!  One of the definite highlights was getting to hear Elder Holland speak to the mission on saturday!  It was so cool because he was talking about revelation and while he talked he walked around the chapel and made eye contact and talked to missionaries specifically!  It was so awesome!  We've been working with a few new people as well, so that's going really good!  It's just awesome to be a missionary really!  I love it for sure!  i hope yall are doing well and are staying safe and enjoying the fall!  God bless! 


Ollo everyone! 
I hope everyone has had a great week!  This one has been pretty good here.  We got blessed to do a lot of service this week which was fun!  I love doing service!  We got invited to some youth soccer games this week by people we're working with also so it was a blast to watch some soccer!  haha.  For a day straight it rained here, and was cloudy pretty much the whole next day.  When the clouds broke, it had snowed on pikes peak!  Already snowing in september.  Awesome.  Haha.  One family we visited, is doing a "man up" challenge which involved getting bitten by a snapping turtle.  The turtles weren't biting so now we're thinking of how to "up" it and be even more of a man haha.  This is what happens when everyone in your ward is in the army!  Sunday was awesome.  Went to a baptism for the other companionship, which was awesome.  Afterward I wanted to stop by an investigator who we hadn't seen in a while.  We saw her and she told us she a sunday off work so she could come to church and get baptized!  Huzzah!  Super awesome miracle!  I'm way pumped for her.  It's gonna be a great day!  Anyway I love you all and hope the best for you!  If ya ever have free time I won't turn away mail haha God bless! 
Pikes peak with snow!
My comp's presidential candidate speech at a zone meeting, wearing a batman mask and a mullet... Awesome. 


Hello everybody! 
This week has been pretty good!  We have some new people we're working with so we're expecting some good times!  We've really been getting to know some of the families here quite well and it's awesome cause now I have a bunch of people to harass as much as possible!  Haha.  I had a pretty neat experience this week.  We were watching Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration with a family, and during it I had an epiphany.  I realized that there I was, in what used to be a strangers but now a great friend's home, a long ways from home, watching a movie about Joseph Smith.  And I loved every minute of it.  I was so hapy to be there, and realized again how much being a missionary means to me.  I love it!  Otherwise I never would have been there.  It's such an awesome and unique experience to serve and help others have happiness.  On sunday we had an investigator make friends with a 7 year old cause he wanted to come talk to us, and it was just such a great time.  I love this work and testify that the gospel=happiness.  I love you all God Bless!  Check out my profile!


Hello everyone! 
happy 19 months!!  It seems like just yesterday it was 18!!  That the crap?!  This week was awesome!  We had William's baptism on saturday!  Yay!!  Afterward we found some new people to work with who want to get baptized!!  Super awesome!!  Then the other companionship in my district had a baptism on sunday!  It was awesome cause the font wasn't full completely and the baptism was supposed to start, so I went in and "made some adjustments" to finish filling it up in time.  Basically I came in and tried to save the day by overriding the settings haha.  But it was successful!  On sunday we got another investigator who has a baptismal date for Oct 5th, yeah buddy.  God has been blessing us so much recently it's been hard to keep up with!  I'm super grateful!  Oh on saturday we had victory ice cream for both baptisms, and bought celebration bat man masks.  It's freakin sweet!  It's been so great to be a part of this work, and am so happy that I've been blessed to be here.  Oh man do I love it!  Love you all God Bless and be happy!  Oh and share some love *cough* write a missionary *cough* haha. 
William and his dad, who baptized him. 
the weed whacker cord went though my shoe!
This sums up my last few transfers.  Elder Guzman and Bredthauer from Pueblo, and Elder Warr in my district last transfer.  This is during transfer meeting haha. 


Hey guys
So this is going to be short but WE HAVE A BAPTISM THIS WEEKEND!!!!  WO0O0O0O0O0O0O0O0O  I'm pretty excited!  It's ben a good week this week!  New companion, he's awesome.  It's definitely gonna be a good transfer.  We have some new people we're working with too so there's tons of promise!  Anyway love you all God bless! 


Hello everyone!  
Transfer day is here again but I'm not leaving!  Haha.  This week has been great, we've seen some cool miracles and are trying to work with some new people who are interested.  Today for pday so far we went disc golfing again, and man I'm not good at all haha but it's fun.  I'm getting a new companion, which is always exciting.  I guess there's not a whole lot to talk about this week, just an average week.  Been just loving life, I love being a missionary.  It's the best thing ever.  I love you all god bless!