Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Happy Easter!! 
I hope everyone had a great time remembering our Lord and Saivor's resurrection.  What a great blessing it is.  I know that because of it we can all overcome death, just as He did. 
This week was pretty good!  Had exchanges with Elder kannan the district leader.  It was a blast to be in an old area and with an old companion.  Meanwhile his companion was riding my bike and so when I got back to my area I had two broken spokes.  He hasn't heard the end of it yet haha.  So my bike has been feeling more like riding a bucking bull or something haha.  It's all good tho I'm getting it fixed today!  (hopefully haha)  On saturday we taught a sweet little girl and she wants to get baptized!  We have a baptism scheduled for her on may 5th, I'm super excited for her.  Anyway love you all God Bless!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


hello everyone
happy 14 months!!  Not much to report on this week, but conference was great!!  Did a bunch of service this week, I raked a yard for 1 1/2 hours, pretty awesome haha.  So far nothing else really happening.  We have a few people that we are starting to work with.  Nothing solid yet tho.  Anyway love you all God bless!  Sorry it's short until the next time!  

Elder Nielson!!


Howdy Yall
Man this week has been crazy.  Went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders, that was fun.  It's been beautiful weather all week, kinda hope it stays like it is right now.  We were able to find a new investigator with a date, hopefully it will go good with him!  He's a really cool guy.  Let's see what else happened.  Oh, we're working with this couple from Tennessee and they're hilarious.  They fed us some hot sauce one time and it literally burned my tongue haha.  We also got educated on how to talk properly. Good times!!  Yesterday we were crossing a busy intersection and my kickstand fell off, that was pretty crazy haha.  Otherwise it's been a good week, not much else to report on.  Love you all God bless
Y'all have a good'n!!


Hey everyone
This week has been a fairly good one.  Nothing really new happened.  I have now gone two weeks without crashing on my bike so that's good!  Hopefully I can keep it up haha. We have a few new people who might have some interest in the church but nothing too solid as of right now.  On  sunday President and Sister Anderson spoke in Sacrament meeting and it was great.  He also is having us as missionaries shift our focus.  It has been announced that we are not supposed to put tracting as a primary plan for the day, but to always plan for teaching people.  It's going to be very weird since, especially in a lot of my areas you find off of knocking doors, but I'm excited for it.  It'll bring great things.  Our ward mission leader is on board too so I'm sure we'll see great things from it.  Anyway love you all thanks for the support!