Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Hello everyone!!

Man this week has been crazy!! Just this morning we moved into a new house, which will be awesome!  Had some bike fun, including falling off and sliding for awhile, (no worries, didn't even get cut haha) and walking a ton since my companion's bike needed some work!  But the best part is one of the people we've been teaching since I got here is preparing for baptism!!!  They decided that it is going to help them get  back to God, and that meeting with us is helping.  Right now the date is on the 25th of Feb.  So exciting!!!  I guess they've met with missionaries many times before too.  So I guess it's just time.  How blessed I am to be part of that.  Also other good news, 3 people in my last area have baptismal dates for the 11th, huzzah!!  I'm way excited for them too.  Great things are happening!!  I know that this work is great, and am so thankful to be a part of it.  It's so awesome to see people's lives change and improve for the better, that's what it's all about.  I love trying to share christlike love.  Otherwise I can't think of anything else, I love you all and be safe out there!!


Hey everyone

Transfers again this week, but I'm not going anywhere!  Haha still got another 6 weeks to look forward to on a bike!  This week has been alright, one of the young men in the ward got me new brake pads and put them on for me.  Way cool kid, I really appreciated it!  Found a few new potential people to work with and teach, hopefully it goes well.  On a good note, I've been able to bike further distances and all that, so I've improved!!  Haha.  Anyway love you all hope you are doing well and god bless!!

Ps one year down next week!!  Yeah Baybee!!!!!


Oh I like to ride my bicycle wherever I may go...

Hello everyone I hope there have been good weeks all around!  This week has been pretty busy.  Still lots of biking and running around.  My legs are still sore to the poke haha.  Not many big events happened this week, We had interviews which are always good.  There was a lot of cool families who we ate with this week, some of them are helping me keep up on my bike so I won't die haha.  It's been pretty cool tho I've had some awesome experiences praying this week.  God definitely answers prayers when we're sincere.  It makes me sad when people won't believe that and aren't even willing to try.  All I guess we can really do is bear testimony and hope for the best!! Love you all take care and God Bless!


Biking like a fool wit yo' pants on the ground!!

How is everyone doing?  It's been good here.  This week has been interesting.  We had 60 degrees on friday followed by very light snow flurries on saturday afternoon.  Temperature changes makes biking quite interesting!!  It seems like we are pulling maybe 20 miles a day on bikes, pretty crazy stuff.  This week was pretty good tho.  It started out slow but as we've been moving forward things have just fallen into place.  On saturday most our appointments fell through but wherever we went people were just put into our paths.  Heavenly Father was definitely helping s out that day.  We have a few new people we're working with so hopefully something good will come out of it!!  We're excited either way.  Don't really have anything else to say but I love you all God bless and take care.  Oh and hmmm... I'm gonna go with Bama!!  Love you all!


Happy New year!!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy new year!  Hopefully this year will be filled with joy, peace and great friendships.  This week has been alright, pretty trying tho.  It's been pretty chilly, and it's not that fun to get used to biking in an area with a lot of big hills when it's cold.  But we're pushing through and still working on it.  We don'r have anyone right now very solid in our teaching pool, but we still feel like miracles will come.  Oh and on top of the cold and all that I had a bug for a few days but no worries I'm feeling better now!!  May God bless all of you in your endavors this year.  Take care love you all!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!
I hope y'all were able to enjoy peace, happiness and the true blessing of Christ in our lives during this great holiday.  This week was good, I got to see some old friends and missionaries.  Been able to go on treks through snow after we got about 8 inches on monday and wednesday.  It's a good thing I have snow boots haha.  Sunday was a great day, we had a beautiful service with musical numbers, readings of Christmas stories of forgiveness and the greatest gifts we can receive.  Christmas eve we played a game with a family after dinner, it was great fun.  Yesterday we went to a family's house for brunch, then to another for dinner then finally a third to get the 2 a year chance to call family!! Yay!!  It was great to feel such a great spirit and true happiness of Christmas.  May all of you be blessed with safety and a great new year.  May we all remember Christ throughout this next year.  God Bless and Love you all.