Thursday, January 10, 2013


Herro everyone!
Happy new year and happy 23 months!! Cahrazzy ness! This week has been really awesome! We're teaching and getting ready for a baptism this saturday, things have been going great there! We've been visiting our recent converts as well, they're doing awesome! I'm so excited for them and everyone else who is involved! We had church at 1030, it's the first time I've had a time besides 830 in a year! haha pretty sweet! We don't have tooooo exciting of stuff coming up besides the baptism, but it should be a great week! Love you all God Bless!


Hello everyone!
This week has been awesome! I hope everyone had a great christmas and are planning an amazing new years! We had 5 people's houses to go to on christmas, and two dinners it was awesome! Got 4 new tech decks too, sick mullet!! haha. On saturday we went up to the temple to do baptisms for the dead with our recent converts, it was amazing! Had such a fun time! Afterward I took some tylenol pm on accident so I was exausted! haha. We have 2 new people who are also working towards baptism!! Miracles!! Haha it's going awesome right now, especially since I'm getting ready to deuces outta here! I only have 4 more meetings to plan thank goodness haha. Anyway I love you all God Bless!


Hello everyone!
This week has been awesome for sure! Don't have a whole lot of time to email today but wanted to send one out for the blog and whatnot! Yesterday was a super fantastic day! The Stanbery kids got baptized! Huzzah! I'm so happy for them. It's the first time I've been in the font as well, such an awesome experience. Also we had some fun meeting up with someone we were visiting awhile ago! We're looking forward to Christmas and all the fun stuff that's going to be happening! Yay! I love you all God Bless and Merry Christmas!!!


Hello Everyone!
Well, the verdict for the beginning of my last transfer is... I'm staying here and my own flesh and blood is killing me! It's crazy to think that I'm staying here FOREVER!! Haha it's pretty awesome tho. I love this ward! This week has been great, christmas conference, ward christmas party and other great things! Our investigators are doing awesome as well! The family we're working with is getting baptized on sunday!! Good stuff! Anyway I love you all have a merry christmas season and I'll email again in a week! Take care God bless!
Just a taste of what christmas cards might be like! :-)


Hello everyone!
Man this week has been awesome! I got to change out 2 tires for a member, and get my sweater all dirty and awesome looking! Haha it was fun! We have been teaching a family and they're way awesome! One of my favorite people now here haha. We played hackeysack, it was legit. Then later we visited another family, the laubs (see picture) and played hackeysack in their kitchen. Legit again. We got the chance to help decorate a tree with them (again see picture) and sis laub bought us sweet ties! It snowed saturday night so that was fun all day sunday! Finally looks like christmas! This week is gonna be sick nasty too! Wednesday is christmas mission conference, Friday is an ugly sweater party for a few families we got invited to and saturday is the ward christmas party. Pray for me that I can stay partying all week! Haha Just keeding :-) I hope all of you are doing well and enjoying the holiday season! Love you all God Bless!



Happy 22 months... Lame!
Hello everyone! Hope the christmas season and spirit has taken hold of you and just blasted into overdrive!! This week has been awesome. Been working on my lighting engineering skills, so far no fires but time will tell haha. We had a mission conference this week with Elder Steven E Snow of the Seventy speaking to us, it was awesome! We talked about conversion, getting the ward involved in missionary work and what we can do to continually teach. It was a way good time. The best moment of all tho was the fact that Beehowser, Elder Bredthauer was there!! Yeah buddy!!! I miss that kid! Haha. We had everyone laughing as we told our epic stories of what we did in pueblo haha. I bought him a tech deck and he started playing with it there haha. Helped a few families move this week and one of them lent us another christmas tree, so now we have two that we really can't fit into our apt haha. It's gonna be sweet!!! haha. That's about all the epic stuff we did this week, except for had a cool experience with visiting someone in the ward who had been talking to his friends a few days before about the church. We showed up on a whim and it was definitely the spirit having us stop by and get to know him. It was awesome. Anyway love you all take care and God Bless!

Beehowser with his new techdeck! RIDE IT EVERDAY!!  


Hey everyone!
Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone enjoyed turkey and what not! It was definitely fun! We watched on thanksgiving Tangled and Brave, it was awesome! I for the first time tried smoked turkey then deep fried turkey! Both, are awesome! Played in a turkey bowl in the morning, and had a good time. It was just a blast. Luckily we had 4 people who invited us over, we didn't even make it to everyone's house haha. On friday we started getting into the christmas mood! Christmas music, lights were going up, all the good stuff. We helped put some lights up at a member's house it was a blast! Now I can say I'm excited for christmas! Anyway I love you all take care!
We took this and gave it to a member for their birthday. Gangstarr... Haha


Hello everyone!
Pre happy thanksgiving!! And also thanks everyone who sent or gave me a card and what not for the birthday you guys are awesome! It's been a pretty good week, have a new companionship in the district and been getting to know them better. There's been some awesome families moving into the ward, so it's been fun visiting them. A few fed us lunch at a park and bought a cake and everything it was awesome! Well not much else to report on so happy thinksgiving and love you all!  


Hello everyone!
Man I love the fall! It's starting to tease of it being christmas season and all that good stuff! I'm so excited! This week has been pretty good. Had some cool stuff happen this week. Met some new people through members, they were in need of help moving so it was fun to help out. We got a sweet new chair which required us rearranging our entire apartment haha. It was sweet! Had a little bit of snow and it disappeared quickly haha. That's nice. The district is being all sorts of messed up, they closed out the other companionship and put 18th ward into my district, which means I can go on exchanges in my old area!! Yeah!! Haha. Anyway not much else to report on so love you all God Bless!