Friday, December 23, 2011


Merry Christmas everyone!!
This week has been crazy!!  New area and companion always make the week go by fast!  The area is a bit different but I'm adjusting to it.  This week christmas has definitely been on the mind.  As we've been going around we've seen lots of christmas decorations and fun things going on.  We had a christmas party on saturday morning for the ward which was great to go to.  We've been working hard, and hopefully the season will soften people's hearts.  This week I've especially had the atonement on my mind and the great miracle and blessings we all receive thru it.  I know that Christ paid the price for all our sins.  I testify that he also felt all our pains and afflictions that we may ever have had or will have.  How grateful I am for all that he has done.  I have felt the love that he provides us and that he will never forsake any of us.  My favorite scripture for this right now is alma 7:10-12.  I love you all and wish you a very merry christmas.  May we all remember Christ and what this holiday truly is about.  Love you and God Bless.  

Elder Nielson!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Hello everyone
This week has been insane.  We have been teaching like crazy!!  We were blessed with quite a few miracles this last week.  We taught a family who is now preparing for baptism on the 31st.  Our other people have been progressing as well.  We had our Ward Christmas party on saturday and it was really fun.  Sadly enough tho I found out that I'm moving right before a lot of awesome things happen.  Luckily I should be able to come back for all the baptisms, and I found out since I'm going to a district I was in before that someone I was working with might be getting baptized on saturday.  It's so awesome cause now I would be able to go to that!!  Either way I'm still excited for the new move even tho I really like my current area and am getting more responsiblilty.  There's people there who need help!  I am so glad to be a part of this gospel and to touch lives that I do.  I know this is the true church and I have seen it bless so many lives.  I love you all and hope that you are having a great holiday season!!  much love.

Elder Nielson!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hey peeps
This week has been pretty awesome! Been way cold tho!!!  Haha.  This week has had some sick miracles in it.  Last week there was a fellow who came to church, and we talked to him, got his info and were going to set up a time to meet with him.  He was busy so we never were able to.  Well on Friday at District Meeting The APs came along to sit in.  We were talking about him and they said they taught him at a member's house in thier ward and he has a date!!  They set up a return appt and we called but they had to cancel, but still came to church.  We talked to him there and he approached us to schedule another time, and we invited him to another baptism which he came to.  We had a big concern with him but found out that it's nothing to worry about!!  It was way cool because all this week I had been praying for a miracle when it came to people to teach and we got it with him.  God does answer prayers, they're just in His timeframe.  Currently he has a date for the 18th and he have an appt with him tomorrow!!  Oh we won't get to see Richard G Scott, some things came up and they cancelled the meeting.  Either way I'm still excited for great things happening!!!  The church is true, I testify of it.  I love you all hope you're having a great holiday season. 
Ps happy 10 months on friday!!  Haha

Elder Nielson!!


Hello everyone!! 
I hope y'all had a great holiday!!  It was definitely fun here!!  We played in a turkey bowl for 2 hours, my comp started getting called pick city from a black kid, it was awesome.  Then played basketball for 3 hours later so I was exhausted!!  Haha.  Yesterday was awesome as well, we had a bunch of success teaching.  It was great too cause the night before we were talking about how it was a bummer and I said that I felt the next day would be a good day.  I prayed for a miracle and definitely saw one the next day.  Another cool thing is I am going to get to see Richard G Scott next week!  Pretty exciting.  Oh and we scored a huge lovesac for free yesterday that takes up half our living room.  Pics to come later.  I testify that miracles still happen and God does answer prayers.  I hope everyone has a great week and stay safe!!  Have a happy holiday season!!
Giant cookies a member gave us yesterday :)

Elder Nielson!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Hello everyone!  Hope everyone had a great week!  This week has been crazy!!  Had an awesome birthday on monday, and thanks to everyone who sent cards or letters!!  It was much appreciated :)  Had zone conference this week as well, Elder Clark and I won the cleanest car!!  Victory, victory... haha.  We also had stake conference this weekend!  Elder Payne of the area seventy came, it was way awesome!!  Very spiritual.  Before the actual conference there was a meeting/fireside type deal for new members, returning members or investigating people.  It was very awesome, the spirit was incredibly strong and it was great to hear testimonies that were either just started or just being found again.  Yesterday we went and gave a blessing and it was great as well.  I was the one who gave it, and the spirit was very strong in directing me on what to say and do.  I love it!!  So far our baptisms have fallen through but we have some sweet work coming up soon!  We have a lesson today with someone who is practically a member already so we're excited.  man I love being a missionary!!  Haha.  I testify that this is where you can find the most joy in life.  I testify that the Book of Mormon is God's word, and that if you want to find out if it's true, all you have to do is read and ask it.  It's so great to see people doing this and changing their lives.  I wish everyone a happy thanksgiving and may we all enjoy amazing turkeyness!!  The church is true!

Elder Nielson!!
Elder Clark and I rolling in style all day everyday!!  haha

Monday, November 21, 2011


Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me!!  Ok that's too annoying to type it all out haha.  This week has been pretty good!!  We still have a baptism this weekend if everything goes right, so keep your fingers crossed!  We got a call on Friday night that we were asked to speak on sunday for 15 minutes each, so we had that opportunity to do that.  Which is fun cause as a missionary your resources are limited and I'm not good at writing talks anyway but we did really well.  I know that it was the spirit helping me to write it, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten anything written down haha.  The Spirit is such a great blessing to have and I'm so grateful for it to be constantly in my life as long as I'm worthy.  What a great blessing that is for being baptized by proper authority. 
So let's see what else has happened.  Oh, I saw my second police standoff since I've been on my mission!  This time it was at a 7-11 haha.  Not much else has been going on that I can think of, I just love doing this and being here.  My comp is awesome, my district is great.  I love all the people I've had the great opportunity to meet.  It's so great to help benefit other's lives.  And man, it's great to see mountains again haha.  I love you all, the church is true!

Elder Nielson!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Hola from the CoSp!!!
 It's so great to be back!!  I love it here, I love my comp, life is good haha.  This week has been awesome.  We've had such a good time at dinners with members and other great fun things!  I feel so blessed to be here.  Not only that but we have great news!!  We're having a baptism on the 19th!!  Holla!!  Haha.  Elder Clark and I thought for a while about what day to give the person he has been working with for awhile, and we decided on the 19th.  They prayed about it for a day and then told us yes.  It was so great.  I guess it all started with another member who decided to turn their life around and they bore such a great testimony to Elder Clark and I last night about how much happier they have been since they turned their life around a month ago.  I love being involved in this work, and am so blessed to be a part of it, even if its miniscule part.  So funny stories tho, clark and I colored a sweet black velvet picture and found this picture on a frame of a tropic beach.  It's been pretty epic with all the decorations we've been putting up.  I would attach pics but no time.  Love you all!

Elder Nielson!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Hello everyone!
Transfer times have come again!  I'm going back to colorado springs!  It'll be a nice change from where I've been, even tho I'm going to miss goodland greatly.  And happy halloween!  Things have been good here, not much new to report on except for we had our first snow of the year on wednesday.  It was crazy.  We went to a halloween party yesterday for a little while, it was awesome.  There was a dip that looked like a face.  Epic.  Anyway I hope everyone had a great halloween!  Love you all!  

Elder Nielson!!

Monday, October 24, 2011


Hello everyone!
man this week has been just ALLLLLL driving!!  Haha it's been a good week tho.  It started out on tuesday we basically did a loop of our area, went thru Sharon Springs, KS and then headed to Cheyenne Wells, CO and all the little cities along the way!  Went up thru Burlington CO on our way back home.  It was about 150 mile loop haha.  It was good tho cause I've never been down to work in that part of our area.  Then wednesday we embarked on the 3.5 hour drive to Pueblo to see Paul V Johnson.  It was an incredibly boring drive, there was a lot of cows and open fields haha.  Pueblo is definitely an interesting place too.  We stayed in I guess is the ghetto of it haha.  Thursday after the conference we drove back and the whole district stayed at our apartment cause it was so late and we're the closest.  Friday we went to Colby, KS for district meeting and then drove to Burlington, CO afterward for work over there and to go to a birthday party.  So Saturday is the only day we spent the entire time in Goodland haha.  It's been fun seeing new places tho, I've started a good collection of water tower pictures haha.  At the birthday party I got to be in charge of moving the Pinata, I ended up making it hit the adults who were swinging at it haha.  We get to go to another one for the same family on thursday... Who has two thumbs and is excited?  This guy.  Haha.  Oh it's supposed to snow tomorrow or wednesday, which will be interesting.  Otherwise I don't think there's too much else coming up except for halloween and transfers at the same time next monday!!  The church is true, love you all!!

Elder Nielson!!


Hello Folks
It's kinda weird going back to normal church and all that again after 2 weeks away because of general and stake conference!  This week has been pretty good, really short.  On saturday we went to a harvest party our branch hosted at a member's house, who happens to live on a ranch where they raise buffalo.  It was pretty awesome.  The Colby Elders were there too so I got to talk to Elder Mahe and Darley haha.   This upcoming week is going to be fun too!  On Wednesday, we're heading to Pueblo, CO via Garden City, KS to see member of the seventy visiting our mission!  So we'll be gone almost all day thursday.  It's gonna be fun tho cause we'll be driving in a caravan, so there's gonna be all these cars that are from colorado, they'll all be the same (except for us, I am the driver of a subaru instead of a chevy malibu haha) with all these guys in white shirts and ties and bike racks on the back haha.  It's gonna be sweet!!! 
Well that's all I have, the church is true!! 

Elder Nielson!!


Hello everyone
This week has been pretty crazy.  There have been two tornados in the general area this week, but the nearest to here was like 50 miles away.  We had stake conference this week in Garden City which was awesome.  The tongan missionary in our district got mistaken for a mexican, a senior missionary came up to him and started talking in spanish haha.  Had interviews and before we started role plays with the aps we had an awesome conversation about making our own pokemon.  One of the aps decided that he would want a rhino with armor plating, then have a silverback gorrilla riding it with a chain gun.  I think his wins honestly.  Not too much going on in the work here, things are still slow.  That's about all I have, the church is true!

Elder Nielson!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Hello everyone
Man wasn't conference awesome?!  I love conference weekend, get to hear great talks, feel the spirit, and we're not outside all day long!  Yay!!  Things here have been pretty good, it's been hot still, but hopefully that'll change now that it's officially october!  happy 8 months!! Yay!! I'm retarded haha.  So on thursday night we got caught in a parade for homecoming, it was pretty cool haha.  We had an awesome district meeting on friday as well, I love our district out here.  We have stake conference on this sunday and also interviews on monday so fun stuff still coming up!!  It's gonna be weird being away from our apartment for 2 days haha.   Otherwise not much to talk about today, I hope everyone is well and is enjoying this beautiful season.  The church is true, I testify of it!  

Elder Nielson!!

I decided to send pictures since I haven't done it in awhile.  Mega oreo is numba one, and the other is a hilarious chinese buffet sign in Burlington.  Elder Kannan pointed it out before he left haha. 


Hello everyone
THis week has been pretty uneventful.  New comp and all but that's about it.  We had two people with baptismal dates, but it's questionable how serious they actually are.  Otherwise, it's the same old thing for work.  This weekend Goodland had a car show festival, but sadly I missed it by about an hour and half so everything was pretty much over.  Dangit!!  Oh well haha.  Not much else to say but the church is true!  Oh and Daniel has been practicing karate since he got the karate kid dvds haha!!  I love that guy!  

Elder Nielson!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Hello everyone
This week has been pretty interesting.  I had to actually get out my heavy coat, it was 40 degrees while we were out tracting.  2 days later we had a tornado warning.  Now it's back up to 85 or so haha.  So I found out that I get to spend 6 more weeks in kansas! Yay!  I'm getting a new comp tho so that will be exciting. 
This week we were priviliged to help get an 8 year old baptized!  We've been teaching him (his nickname is daniel-son, pretty much the coolest 8 year old ever) and he was baptized on sunday!  Yay!  His grandma and uncle came as well who are not members, it was a great day.  Elder Kannan did the actual baptism, and I was priviliged to confirm him.  We even got his mom "Victronicon the MVP" to say the opening prayer haha.  Otherwise it's just been the same old thing, living the missionary life.  Thanks for all the prayers and support, the church is true!  

Elder Nielson!!
Saturday before the baptism
Things get interesting sometimes in the car...

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Hello everyone
This week has been pretty crazy but awesome.  We have someone with a baptismal date!  They were a referral from a church historical site and wanted to learn more!!  It's been hard to get in contact but we finally did and they accepted baptism before I even finished asking them!!  Their date is for the 2nd of October!  This week a member's son is getting baptized as well after church!  We've been teaching them just so they basically have a refresher in the lessons so it's pretty exciting!  We're pulling for a Fiesta afterward haha!  Can't beat truly authentic mexican! 
On saturday we went and volunteered at an airshow/barbecue competition.  Man it was awesome.  I got the coolest t-shirt from doing it!  It's bright orange with a plane flying thru two sets of tongs and fire and smoke.  Sick right?!?!!!  I had a blast helping out, even tho we didn't stay for the actual show or to see who won.  But that's not important! 
So funny story, we went to visit a former investigator, and he had a friend over at the time.  So the guy we knew started asking us questions like what is a sin and so on, and it led to us talking about the word of wisdom.  Well his friend was taken back by it and said some of the funniest stuff.  he said "I love coffee, now everytime I see it I'm gonna say 'look at that big tasty cup of hell I'm gonna drink it up' "  and also "I can't wake up that early to go to church without drinking my cup of hell" haha it was so funny.  Man I was dying cause I was laughing so hard.  Anyway Love you all the church is true!

Elder Nielson!!
Elder Lewis the ZL in the walker is going home, so we did something special for his last district picture haha. 
In front of a wwII plane
Grenade joystick inside one of the planes!  haha

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Hello everyone! 

Happy labor day!  This week has been pretty crazy!  I must say tho, thursday it was 103 for a high on mainstreet I believe.  Friday, didn't get up to 80.  It's been low 80's since, it;s been wonderful.  Except for the wind that makes it almost impossible to bike in haha.  But I have gone a week without a flat tire on my bike either!  Hooray!!  Elder Kannan did cause of Karma tho, he kept telling me I was going to haha.  So that is pretty nice.  Still don't really have anyone we're teaching but I sure have learned this town a whole lot better!  The few youth we have here are pretty awesome.  Saturday this was a ghost town, no one was here haha.  Yesterday we had a barbecue we went to and it was so good!  Man I wish everyday was labor day haha.  BTW we got notified today that any letters to the mission office need to be addressed 4090 centerpark drive suite 4 colorado springs co 80916 for all those that are writing me, or that should write me (just sayin) haha.  Anyway love you all!  Oh I was able to get my hackey sack on this weekend!  Haha 

First picture is Burlington's water tower.First picture is Burlington's water tower.
second is another goodland one with a giant van gough painting... Weird
Elder Nielson!!

This is what kansas brings to church... They're actually from Colorado Springs, but wsa doing a show out here and happened to find the building and were members.  Check out the Tie I'm wearing too haha. 


Monday, August 29, 2011


Hello everyone!
Man this week has been so crappy it's awesome!!!  Haha true story tho!  So it started on monday when we were heading to zone conference, I lost my wallet for 3 days at the Colby Elders apartment.  I was about to call and cancel everything when my Comp Elder Kannan finally found it!  YAY!!!  Got a new tube on my bike finally (since I could buy one again)  and put it on, and it was flat the next morning haha.  Then we've been out of miles so we couldn't go and buy another new one.  But all is well cause I can get one today since other elders will be here!  Haha.  This week has been awesome tho because it has put a great perspective in my eyes.  Things will go bad.  That's a promise.  But just push through it, cause that's all you can do.  It is better to have hardships continually than to quit and fall out by the wayside.  Besides, blessings are just around the corner.  Always.  I testify of this because I saw it this last week, even if they're small blessings.  There's a possibility that we might have 2 new investigators, which is super awesome.  We also have a referral that went to Cove Fort and was interested in learning more.  He called us and cancelled his appointment yesterday but hey, a call is still a good sign.  And today I have a doctors appt to try and get my stupid cough checked out which will be awesome.  But anyway, I thank all of you for the support and encouragement.  The church is true.  I love this work and all the hardships that come with it.  

Elder Nielson!!
The one with the statues and the cutouts are at the buffalo bill museum thing on the way back from Garden City.  Elder Darley and Mahe are with us.  There's the zone at Zone conference.  The corn is right at the end of a paved street, pretty cool.  Then the deaf sign was in burlington.  Good stuff.  

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Hey everyone greetings from Colby, Kansas!  We have zone conference tomorrow so we stay the night at elder's apartment who is closer to Garden City.  Pretty crazy!  This week has been interesting.  We got into a few bashes while out tracting, I got a flat tire on my front tire on tuesday, and then my back tire on thursday.  That puts the total to 4!!  Haha.  So we've been doing a lot of walking around.  On friday we went to a member's birthday party who is mexican, and that was a party.  We had some authentic enchiladas, and posele, they sang to her, and was a good time.  She's a really great lady and her family was really nice even tho we didn't have a clue what they were saying.  I don't have much else to say, hope you all are enjoying the last bit of summer!  The church is true.  
"You pooped in the refrigerator, and ate an entire wheel of cheese?  I'm not even mad, I'm impressed!"- Ron Burgundy.  

Elder Nielson!!

Monday, August 15, 2011


Hello everyone!
Greetings from Kansas!  It's way different out here!  I went from the biggest city I've lived in to the second smallest!  (sorry Blanding, there's 3 stoplights AND a small walmart.)  It's crazy different, but it will be fun.  I'm excited for friday nights in the fall!  That should be an adventure!  I can already tell that football here is a big deal with how many Kansas, Kansas st, and Nebraska flags are out in the neighborhoods. 
The area is huge, we cover up to the nebraska border, and we have to drive to Colorado to attend our branch on sunday.  So about twice a week (depending on miles) we'll travel between kansas and colorado.  Pretty excitng!
It's pretty out here.  I guess that sunflowers are another big crop here, and it's almost time to harvest them.  So there's fields of corn and sunflowers which is pretty. 
So I'm using my bike a ton now, and go figure im my first week out here I've blown out my back tire twice.  It's been pretty epic!  Elder Kannan has some pictures of me walking my bike that I'll have to get from him so I can laugh at myself haha. 
So far the work here is slow, but hopefully it will be changing soon.  The focus on the work is shifting dramatically, and I'm really excited about it!  We're being allowed to rely more on guidance to find people instead of just straight knocking on doors all the time.  I'm pumped! 
Oh another thing that is cool is I heard my first tornado alarm!!!  Haha it was only a test but still cool!  I guess I've missed the season for the most part.  
Well that's about it that I have to report on.  Oh we're in a Subaru Impreza, which is kinda cool.  But anyway, love you all!
Elder Nielson!!
I now live in the land where water towers are a big deal.  This is one of goodlands haha.
This was on a mailbox we walked past while we were tracting one day.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Happy pday everyone!
Well it's transfer pday and I"m going to kansas tomorrow.  It's gonna be kinda huge since I've been in major city so far on my mission, but I know it will be good.  I know that there's someone out there I need to meet. 
We were scheduled to have another baptism on saturday, but it got moved to this week because of difficulties.  But it's definitely happening this week!  We have everything planned out and ready to go for saturday.  Unfortunately I won't be able to see it happen, but I have the comfort to know that it is happening. 
These last few days I've been with another missionary, Elder Felsted which has been way awesome.  We've had a great time together and I've learned a lot with him.  Too bad he won't be my new permanent companion!  Either way I've enjoyed the time we've spent together.  Not much else is new, I love you all and know this church is true!
Elder Nielson!!

New Mission President as of July 1, 2011

This is the couple that was recently called to become Elder Nielsons's new Mission President. They started on July 1, 2011 and Elder Nielson has been serving in their ward. He really likes them so far and thinks they're going to be a great addition to the mission.
J. Patrick and Cynthia M. Anderson
J. Patrick Anderson, 61, and Cynthia Lenore McGregor Anderson, three children, Colorado Colorado Springs Mission; Kalamazoo 3rd Ward, Kalamazoo Michigan Stake. He serves as stake president and is a former counselor in a stake presidency, stake mission president, stake Young Men president, high councilor, bishop, counselor in a bishopric and Young Men president. Retired vice president of Corporate Affairs, Stryker Corp. Born in Sun Valley, Idaho, to John Clinton and Mary Lou Keeffe Anderson.
Sister Anderson serves as a Relief Society secretary and compassionate service leader. She is a former Relief Society president, Relief Society teacher, Primary president and teacher, Young Women president, and Cub Scout den leader. Born in Boise, Idaho, to William Allen and Rachel Brown McGregor.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Hello everyone!!  This week has been awesome!  We had a baptism on saturday, and I was priviliged to confirm Taylor on sunday.  It was so great!  Hopefully we'll have another baptism on saturday this week!  Needless to say the work is progressing well! 
I truly love this area and the missionaries in this district.  We had quite a struggle getting a group picture on friday but somehow kinda managed to get it haha.  Otherwise things are going swimmingly!  This thursday I'll be in a new area for a few days, which will be kinda interesting but fun I'm sure.  I like the Elder I'll be with for the time being.  Then next week I'll find out for sure where I"m going to be and who will be my companion. 
This is at Taylor's baptism, and the other one is me being bored.  Obviously.
Elder Nielson!!


Hello everyone!  This week has been pretty awesome.  We were able to go to a baptism of a family I helped teach on wednesday, it was so great to see it!  They're going to be great additions to anywhere they live, such an amazing family.  On saturday I went on exchanges with the zone leaders, which was a great time!  I learned a lot from my leaders, They're really great elders.  But the most exciting news I have to share today is that We have a baptism on saturday!!!  She's super excited, and already experienced so many blessings from even going to church with us.  She's so ready in fact, that we are comfortable moving up her baptismal date to saturday instead of sunday.  Elder Wheeler will have the privilige of baptizing her on saturday for his last weekend on his mission then I will be blessed to confirm her the next day!  It's so great!  She is super excited too, did I mention that?  Haha.  Anyway, things are going great here so far still, it's hard to believe that this transfer is already almost over.  The time just flies by.  Oh we have another baptism scheduled on the 6th of August.  Hope everyone is well, Keep the letters of support coming!   The church is true! :)

Elder Nielson!!

This is the baptism we went to on wednesday, it was so great!
saw this truck while on exchanges.  Kinda one of those... what?  things haha

Monday, July 11, 2011


Hello everyone!!!  What a GREAT WEEK it has been!!! 
Well exciting news, miracles happen when you truly work hard!  Two weeks ago we had a major bummer week, we did what was known as MVP week (it stands for different stuff).  Basically we would leave at 10 am and not come back into our own place until 9 pm.  We saw no miracles.  But this last week the miracles came a plenty.  People were just falling into our laps for baptismal dates!! As of right now Elder Wheeler and I have 5 people preparing for baptism with dates, another who missed church on sunday but still wants to be baptized!!  YAYAYYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!  It's so great to have the work not only progressing but moving speedily!!  I feel so blessed!  We had the opportunity to meet our new mission president at interviews on friday.  I'm really excited to serve under him for the next 19 months!!  I know he was called here for a specific reason!  I testify that this is the work of God and that "no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing."  Love you all so much!  

Elder Nielson!!
The picture is from last transfer but it's still awesome cause of our outfits.  Mike Lussier and I 

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Hey everyone Happy 4th and 5 months for me!  One more month and I'll be non-new whoo!! I don't have much time so I'll just tell some short stories.  We have a family with a date!  The mom got an answer!!  It's so exciting!!  We played basketball with the district which was awesome on monday.  I just really like this area!!  Anyway the church is true hope everyone is well!
Elder Nielson!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hey everyone!  I hope all is well!  It's gonna be kinda short today cause I don't have a whole lot of time but I love my new area!  The members I live with are awesome!  The district is really fun too, and so is my comp.  He's taught me how to play pokemon again haha.  I had to get a deck so I wouldn't be left out from the district.  My comp is a Utahan so he's obviously cool.  I've met some awesome people in these wards so far, and I cover the mission president's ward that he never goes to haha.  I'm thinking he should be added onto our list of people to visit and invite to church haha.  Well not much else going on, just kinda getting settled.  The church is true and I love being a missionary!!

Elder Nielson!!
Brother Scott is awesome.
The Engeseth family at their best!  

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Hello everyone!
It's been an exciting week this week.  We went tracting and had a bunch of adventures.  That's always fun!  We were then priviliged to teach a lesson to a minister, it was really a different experience.  It was good tho cause he respected our beliefs just as we respected his and just taught about what is different between the two.  It was awesome.  We had dinner with a family who had a nonmember over as well and he came to church with us on sunday for sacrament meeting.  He's a really nice guy.  I'm moving, that's news I guess.  I'm going to the north east part of springs, hopefully it'll be good!  My mtc comp is coming here so I'll definitely call to harass both of my old comps haha.  Otherwise I don't have a whole lot to say today, I hope everyone is good and I testify that the church is true!

Elder Nielson!!

This is me hanging outside of the church by the 'rola with a big old storm coming over us.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Hello everyone!

Real quick before I forget, anyone who might read this and MIGHT be considering sending me a letter, send it to 4090 centerpark Drive Colorado Springs CO 80916 for the next two weeks.  Transfers are coming up and there already was stuff mixed up and sent to my old address haha.  Good thing I still have the keys :).  Or if you want to just have it easier but take a few days longer you can just always send it there.  Either way.  I just like mail :)
So this week has been exciting!  We've helped people move two days this last week, and had exchanges with the zone leaders and the other area.  It's been pretty exciting tho, we found 3 potential families who seemed really interested in learning more!  We have followup appointments scheduled this week with all three!  We also met with a former and she seems still semi interested, either way she's really cool.  She was in ITS as well so I talked theater with her lol.  Oh, last night our neighbors above us were barbecuing until after I went to bed, but they brought us some at about 9:45 and it was so freakin good!  I'm now alright with their smoker being in front of our window haha.  
Well I don't have much else to talk about today, I just testify that this work is great.  I'm so blessed to be able to do this and to meet the people who tell us how much it has changed their life.  What a great opportunity.  Love you all and the church is true!

Elder Nielson!!


Hey everyone!
This week has been a pretty slow week all in all.  Not a whole lot going on really.  None of our investigators came to stake conference this weekend so the baptismal dates are moved back.  I got to shake Neil L. Anderson's hand tho which was wicked cool!  He thanked Elder Cryer and I for our service, then said how it was hard to lose such a great mission President.  Elder Cryer said yeah but we're looking forward to President Anderson.  To which Elder Anderson said "He's got a good name!"  I can now say I've joked with an Apostle.  Pretty sweet.  
We met again with an older gentleman who we found while tracting a week ago, he's a really cool guy.  He's looking pretty promising for us, he's been taught before but said he couldn't commit.  But it sure seems like he wants something to be connected to.  He said he would "probably stop by the church this week to check up on us (Elder Cryer and I)"  I'll take it.  We went on team ups with a soon to be missionary from one of the wards, he was a blast to work with.  We came across this tough looking guy, didn't talk to us much until I commented on his sweet car on the street.  Pictures to follow.  But he started talking to us a lot, still wasn't interested but his persona still changed.  He even let us open up the doors to get pictures of the interior, it was pretty cool.  Otherwise there hasn't been a whole lot of new stuff going on that I can remember.  I hope everyone is well, and I testify that this church contains the Gospel of Jesus Christ restored to the Earth once more.  I've experienced it, and been able to see it in other's lives.  Love you all, God bless.  

Elder Nielson!!


Happy late memorial day!!
Man I'm so disappointed, I only got to go to one barbecue!  For shame.  I hope everyone has had a great opportunity to give thanks for all the soldiers have done for us.  It's given me a new perspective, knowing so many veterans now. 
This last week has been an interesting one, raining then hot then cold and so on.  It's made trying to talk to people quite difficult.  We had zone conference this friday, my first and only one with President Pfile.  I'm sure going to miss him.  The spirit was so strong there it was crazy.  We focused a lot of the atonement and plan of salvation. 
This sunday is Stake Conference, Neil L Anderson is going to be presiding!  I'm pretty excited for it!  The best part is we'll have investigators there for once!!  Yay!!!
Which leads me to next topic, we have a guy with a baptismal date!  We got a referral from our zone leaders about Aaron so we went to meet him yesterday.  He told us he wants to be baptized, and knows he has to come to church 3 times before hand so when and where is the meeting kinda thing.  He also wants to come and see the apostle talk so we're pretty excited about it!!  Just in the knick of time too, cause this transfer is a week shorter than normal cause of the mission president change.  We're pretty excited about it for sure!!!!!!!
Otherwise things here have been pretty good!  Just have been working and staying faithful!  Thanks so much everyone for the support.  I love you all and I testify that miracles happen as long as you act with faith!
Elder Nielson
Tracting treasure!  Iowa Hawkeyes antenna topper lol
Study time can get a little crazy at times... lol


Monday, May 23, 2011


Hello everyone!
Real quick, did anyone see Jesus or the second coming going on on saturday?  I didn't see any fire and brimstone or locusts but I just wanted to check since you know, people decided that since Noah knew when the flood was they could determine judgement day.  Just curious.
Man crazy week, new companion, new apartment, new investigators.  We taught the other elders' investigator but he didn't come to church yesterday so we're wondering how serious he really is.  So that's awesome but also a bummer.  The greatest thing I think tho is that a part member's wife is really starting to warm up!  We were over at his house on saturday and had a great time making silly puns.  He says give her a few more times and she'll be coming.  I'm gonna trust him since he's almost 69 and has known her since he was 9.  Kinda long of a time. 
Church yesterday was awesome.  This week we ate with the bishop of Academy ward and the first counselor of Mountain Shadows ward and apparently they were impressed with us.  The counselor made us get up and introduce ourselves in priesthood opening, and said that we were great guys.  We got a member referral as well during sacrament.  Hopefully it'll be a good one.  We went into primary and helped teach about the restoration, and in relief society taught about the spirit of revelation.  Next week we're teaching about baptism in Mountain Shadows Gospel Essentials.  It's gonna be pretty fun.  Got Zone conference this week, next week is stake conference and Neil L Anderson will be here.  Pretty exciting. 
Anyway I hope everyone is great today, have had a great week.  Thanks so much for support you've given!  The church is true and "No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing." -Joseph Smith.  Love you all!

Monday, May 16, 2011


Herro Everyone! 
Man another crazy week this week!  The nice thing tho is that we've had some success this week!  We went tracting on tuesday and got to pretty solid potential investigator families in the same neighborhood!  We went back to see them, one was sick (don't know if it was just a cover, I'm giving the benefit of the doubt) and the other was about out of the door, very warm and receptive tho.  She told us another better time to come by so we are going to do that tomorrow (hopefully).  Pretty exciting! 
So transferrs are tomorrow, and although I'm staying in my area there's a whole lot of changes.  My companion is getting transferred out and so we'll have a new district leader.  Also the other elders are getting relocated to a new area so it'll be just my companion and I covering these two wards starting tomorrow.  Crazy big!  The funny thing tho is that since they're leaving we're getting all of their investigators, including one who has a baptismal date lol.  I'll miss them tho all jokes aside.  But now this district will only have 4 elders, and Elder Glines is going to a district with 8 or so Elders and sisters.  His old one is shrinking when he's going to a bigger one haha. 
So funny story for the week.  As Elder Glines and I were tracting on tuesday, there were these two teen boys walking down the street on the other side.  One of them decided to be funny and said "hola Amigos."  To which I used my knowledge of spanish and said "Hola!  Como esta?"  The kid just had a blank look on his face.  I asked "Bien?"  Nothing.  So then I started muttering whatever phrases I could remember, mainly foods and colors.  It was pretty great, not gonna lie.  It feels nice to be able to make someone think what just happened?!  Lol
Well that's all I have for now, Keep true to the faith, the church is true! 


Hello Everyone
Well pretty slow days for the most part this week.  My companion and I got a tad sunburned on saturday doing some service, mainly he did tho.  Fun stuff for sure.  We got invited to a recent convert's high school graduation by her mom who apparently is very anti, I dunno about that anymore...
So let's see funny story this week...  The other elders have crashed on their bikes twice this week cause of jsut not paying attention, that's pretty funny.  In a mean sort of way but they're alright, one of them just has some good road rash.  I know!!!  On Thursday we went over to the Weitzels house for lunch.  Bro Weitzel is a tax attorney.  He made the most amazing burgers I've ever eaten, calls them "buckeye burgers."  Well the other awesome reason to go there is he likes to play guitar and lets us play them too.  So I got to try out a PRS and a vintage Telly, pretty sweet.  He's alright I guess too for a tax attorney, he's played with bands like oh I don't know, Pantera, Tool, Dead Kennedy's, Iron Butterfly just to name a few that he's listed.  Who would have tought a tax attorney with straight parted hair would be such a rocker?  Kids these days.  He said that he played the club 2 nights before Pantera played there and Dimebag Darrel got shot.  Crazy. 
Now about the work, it's been a looooooong week but we have some progress coming!  One guy we are working with apparently wants to come to church, but something came up and we couldn't meet on saturday.  Another member's wife is warming up to us as well so hopefully we can make some good progress there before the transfer ends next week!
I love you all and God bless all of you!
Here's pikes Peak at a sunset from our apartment
An awesome view of Colorado Springs

Monday, May 2, 2011


Happy 3 month mark!  Yay for me!!  Only 7/8ths left to go!  Hahaha
Man has this week been depressingly funny!!  It's been depressing cause all of the new investigators we had basically stood us up, but funny cause I swear I was just like a walking comedic attraction!
It all started with last sunday.  A family walked into a easter presentation, but I didn't see the father.  Then he appeared and I said "There's the bearded one!"  Well, the mother had just walked in so she just said "what?!"  It was hilarious, she's really funny.
Then monday, we went out with another member to try and find people who were missing on the ward list.  Well no one answered, and there was a merry go round at the park next to us.  So... he decides to coax us into riding on it.  First was Elder Glines, then they dared me into it.  I got on, Glines asked me which direction I wanted to go, I said "I don't care, I'll go both ways."  Then the member who is a bit older said "Elder Nielson is bi, he goes both ways!"  Oh my gosh I could hardly hold onto the flippin thing I was laughing so hard.  I would have never expected it from him, he's freakin awesome. 
Thursday we went to Denver with a different member to get stuff from the temple.  He gave us a ride and decided to take us to breakfast at a restaurant that was pretty nice in all honesty.  Well, as I was getting out of his car I just heard a riiip.  The pants he had gotten me a few weeks ago ripped in the crotch down my leg.  it was just one of those "oh dang!" moments, so funny.  So we eat breakfast and he buys some safety pins for me to pin it up, he sees it and just says we're gonna buy you new pants.  So we went to the nearest store which was a macy's.  I destroyed them quite well hahaha!  Some other stuff happened the rest of the week but I can't remember off the top of my head.  It was pretty fun stuff tho.
On the other hand we are starting to work with the member's wife who took us to Denver!  It's pretty exciting!  He said he almost had her to church a week ago but had a relapse of pneumonia but she is feeling a bit better.  Right now we're just trying to really build a relationship of trust or BRT and it seems like it's going well.  She's a great lady, and they would make a really solid and beneficial family to the ward.  I could see them holding some really important callings.
Well I had better go, I hope all of you enjoy your springtime, keep praying for the missionaries and for missionary experience.  This is such a great cause and I'm glad I get to be part of it!  Love you all!

Monday, April 25, 2011


Hello again everyone!
Happy late Easter!!  I hope it was great for everyone and that we're all able to remember the blessings which the Atonement brings into our lives!!
Man it's been a crazy week!!  We had exchanges this week, and exchanges always seem to bring about miracles.  We got 4 new investigators (one accepted a baptismal date but it's going to be moved cause they didn't come to church yesterday)  and a bunch more potentials!  It's been crazy!!
We went tracting on wednesday 4/20 and of course we were doing so in the ghetto.  Everywhere smelled like weed haha.  It doesn't help that there's distribution stores everywhere in our area!  We had one guy tell us there is no god and to take our voodoo somewhere else.  It was awesome! 
Yesterday was probably the most interesting day I've had out here.  We have been trying to get ahold of a less active girl who is about to graduate high school, whose parents are apparently very anti.  Well, we stopped by, talked to her mom and invited her to and easter cantata (musical performance thing) she like wise invited us to her church's easter program.  Which we went to at the first free evangelical.  Man it was awesome, closest thing to real music we've heard in a long time!  They had some great musicians definitely.  She seemed really excited we went and even invited us to a diner thing at her house!  We weren't able to make it tho.  The best part is everyone just STARED at us the whole time.  I caught this elderly lady from 4 chairs down just eyeballing me lol.  And a guy wanted to bash with my companion.  We just wanted to see the service!!  Sheesh.  But either way a lot of people seemed to be more accepting when we told them why we were there and were very respectful.  It was an awesome experience and seems to really open up people to our church.  But now I keep saying that we need a drum set next to the organ!
Well I must depart and so on, Love you all and I testify with all my heart this is the true Church of Christ. 
Elder Nielson
Dad this one is for you.  The Truck-vette has been replaced with the Truck-allac.  The license plate said Radillac.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Hello everyone
Well, it has been a week this week for sure.  Had interviews with President and Sister Pfile, which was pretty cool.  I haven't had them yet so it was an awesome experience.  We had some pretty awesome learning experiences and promises from President.
Not a whole lot of stuff happened this week, Elder Glines has been feeling sick and passed his cold onto me so we've been just taking it easy.  Not to worry tho we're doing better today and are planning on hitting it hard this week!
This week we got an opportunity to do a baptism!  Johnathan Kinda just fell into our laps, he's about to go float in the navy, and was living out in New York when he took the lessons.  But he wanted to be baptized out here with his wife's family.  Who happen to be in our ward.  So Elder Glines and I got to take care of it!  His father in law performed the ordinance, but Glines and I helped in confirming him yesterday!  Pretty cool stuff!
We also got a few more people we're going to try to start working with this week, it's pretty cool how it seems like things are turning around in this area! Hopefully everything will go according to plan!
Oh, I've learned a few new songs on the guitar which is pretty cool.  Met a professional harmonica player, I'm hoping he moves back again.  AND there's a guy in one of the wards who has played with tool, and the guitarist from Iron Butterfly, pretty awesome stuff.  I'm building connections.  I hope.  But really he said he'd help us build our own little guitar amp.  The dude is pretty awesome!
Well that's all for now, Love you all!
Elder Nielson
This is the picture after the baptism, Johnathan, his wife Melissa and Father in law Vincent
Be jealous of our awesome mustaches.  This was after district meeting haha
Just straight Chillin in front of the 'rola!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Well hello again!
Man this week has been... This week!  Crazy that's what.  Had transfer meeting on wednesday, two new elders to the district are here, but they're pretty cool it seems.  Elder Glines and I are still basically rocking it as usual.  No surprise there. 
It was a pretty slow week because of transfers and all that but some pretty awesome stuff happened still which I'll get to.
So it turns out that I'm pretty good at turning planting beds.  We did some service on monday for the Engeseth family and I started joking around that it was a family business.  Pretty random thought but it was really funny.  And now I can say that on my mission I have helped move 3 pianos thus far.  Any of you moving pianos, DON'T DO IT!!!  It sucks haha.
Alright so epic story time.
Soooooo My companion and I decided to tract a street downtown CS and so we're knocking on doors and had no luck.  Then this guy answers the door and says "oh no you guys again..."  Turns out that the other Elders had tracted that street already... the day before.  Poopy.  So we decided to bail on that plan and came up with the idea to bike into Manitou Springs since we're low on miles.  Oh biking how I loathe thee.  Anyway, it's not that far or hard so we do it to go and see a contact my companion and I know.  We get there, are just walking away from our bikes and see this guy a block and a half away waving us down... Kinda strange... Well we go over there and he tells us he just moved into the area, his wife is a member and he's not... yet... in his own words, and wants to know where the building is.  Sweet.  We share the address and get his info and we're going to visit him this week.  Well then we go up to visit the Contact in Manitou and it turns out that he left the commune/religion group he was in.  And this dude is awesome before even tho most in the commune really didn't think too fondly of us.  Well he left and is interested in learning more, has been for awhile.  So he and his whole family, 6 total are going to be visited this week as well.  Miracles do indeed happen. 
So THEN we're heading home, feeling awesome and whatnot.  Stop by a less active members bike shop as he's closing to get air in our tires.  He says "hey, you guys heading home?  Let's go through Garden of the Gods!  It's on the way home and it's not hard at all!"  Yeah... Never trust a professional cyclist when they say it's not hard.  I almost wrecked twice, chain came off twice, and my heart was racing.  He took us on the trails that were way technical with loose dirt and rocks lol.  But!  I can now say I've been mountain biking in a white shirt and tie!  Lol.  Made it back home safe just dead tired, but still ecstatic about the day.  It was an amazing week,  and I know that the Lord is the master planner of this work.  I know he guided us to go to that street where the others had been so we would end up in Manitou and find those people.  It was amazing.  I also know that he watches out for us and keeps us from dying on mountain bikes lol.  The church is true, keep up the good work everyone!
Elder Nielson

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Hello everyone!
This week has been a pretty good one!  Hope everyone enjoyed conference as much as I did!  It was great! We've been having some fun the 4 of us elders who are in this area serving together and hanging out between conferences!
We had some crazy wind here!  Our neighbors fence blew over and a big old tree branch broke off and crushed his boat... Pretty crazy to wake up to and look out at!
We have a new potential investigator!  She's from the UK and her husband is from Scotland, we're going to try and meet with her this week before the kids come home from school is when she said is best.
We've been going around just doing a pretty fair amount of tracting this week, and it's been pretty fun.  There's a family we've been visiting who are recent converts but are having a hard time.  If my camera will sync I'll send a picture of their youngest son, who is hilarious.  Their oldest boy is funny too, we harass him a lot and he kicked me in the ankle!  I deserved it tho, I must admit. 
Oh for anyone who is wondering who reads this I'm not being transferred.  There.  Done.  I said it.  Lol.
So not a whole lot else going on, tons of funny stories to share but I can't remember them all but anywho the work is going good, I appreciate the prayers.  Help out your local missionaries and pray and give them people who might be interested.
 Love you all
Elder Nielson
So the first picture is the carnage of our neighbors

Then a Picture of our district, No time for names.

Then Aiden Engeseth and I when he was wearing 10 shirts cause he was supposed to be cleaning... awesome

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Excerpts of letter from Elder Squishy 3/28/2011

"It's incredibly hard to get into homes here, out of the probably 50 or so hours tracting we've done here this transfer ONE person let us in.  It's a whole new ballpark here.  Churches teach anti-mormon classes in their church, and it's actually the headquarters for 38 different religions, including focus on the family who took donations from the church then went hardcore anti.  It's nuts in the Springs.

That pretty much sums it up, really discouraging with working hard around sicknesses.  My companion and I both had flulike stuff for 2 weeks.  And it's hard to stay motivated when you have doors slammed in your face for 4-5 hours straight a day.  But alas, that's the life of a missionary.  Our one solid investigator we had to transfer to other missionaries cause he actually lives out of our zone.  So our investigator pool is back down to zero.

For transfers we get an email the day before transfer day telling us where we're going.  So we have monday to pack up, and transfer day meeting is on tuesday.  Everyone who is moving or getting a new companion goes.  I have no idea where I'm going or if I'm staying.  There's no way to tell."

From Dad: 
I don't think Sky would mind me posting this excerpt from his recent letter to me here, because I believe it's an accurate depiction of the faith and dedication he has to the Work.  Those of you who have served missions no doubt recognize the angst  is feeling and the grit and determination it takes to get through periods like that. I'm sure he will be blessed for his faith and perseverance, with abundant opportunities to teach and see investigators grow in the gospel as they accept the message and work towards baptism.  Don't forget he needs letters as often as you can send them along.  They have a transfer coming up early next week, so it's uncertain if he'll remain there or where he'll be.  So, it might be safer to write to him in care of the mission home for now, until we find out the outcome of the transfer day:

Colorado Colorado Springs Mission
4090 Center Park Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80916


Have to keep it short today but it was a good week.  Actually got into a house on saturday while tracting but don't know if he is serious about learning so we'll see.  I hope we can meet again with him, since he didn't come to church.  Our solid investigator was handed off to other Elders so hopefully he does well there.  Did a ton of service on saturday, it was pretty awesome.  Otherwise it was a short uneventful week.
Need to go but Love you all the church is true!