Monday, July 11, 2011


Hello everyone!!!  What a GREAT WEEK it has been!!! 
Well exciting news, miracles happen when you truly work hard!  Two weeks ago we had a major bummer week, we did what was known as MVP week (it stands for different stuff).  Basically we would leave at 10 am and not come back into our own place until 9 pm.  We saw no miracles.  But this last week the miracles came a plenty.  People were just falling into our laps for baptismal dates!! As of right now Elder Wheeler and I have 5 people preparing for baptism with dates, another who missed church on sunday but still wants to be baptized!!  YAYAYYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!  It's so great to have the work not only progressing but moving speedily!!  I feel so blessed!  We had the opportunity to meet our new mission president at interviews on friday.  I'm really excited to serve under him for the next 19 months!!  I know he was called here for a specific reason!  I testify that this is the work of God and that "no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing."  Love you all so much!  

Elder Nielson!!
The picture is from last transfer but it's still awesome cause of our outfits.  Mike Lussier and I 

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