Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sky's First Letter from the MTC

Hello all! 

Well, it's finally p-day! It's been crazy busy here, especially having to go 8 days without a p-day! Well, I must admit tho that it for sure has flown by! I can't believe howu much you learn in such a short time here! I don't think I've ever learned this muc in my entire life in such a short time. I'm learning how to talk to people in ways that I've never done before and finding hidden treasures in the scriptures that I never knew existed! 

The work here is good, I'm finally getting used to the schedule for classes and know where everything is. My district is awesome! Theres ten elders, all of us are serving in different in Colorado Springs! We have one from Minnesota, Indianna, two from Missouri, my companion is from Gilbert, Arizona, Idaho, Elder Maumau (tongan) is from Salt Lake and supports the wrong color, California, and Elder Rowland from Hawaii! I've met two sisters who are going to Colorado Springs english speaking too! So 12 people total, it's insane. For a while we had a "mascot" banana, Elder Maumau wrote Colorado Springs on a banana that we intended to give to our teacher. But We had to throw it away before it even went bad because of a classroom audit. R.I.P. Icon banana.

I must say I have learned how to have a new love for volleyball. It's the next best thing to play since football isn't allowed and I suck at basketball. It's a blast and I enjoy playing with the people I play with, which there's a ton. I don't even know close to all of everybody. 

Well that's all I have time for now, so I bid you farewell. Love you all, and keep to the faith!

Elder Nielson

Ps If you want to write me at the MTC, use It's awesome, we get letters within a day and they print them together, so it's easier to keep together!

Pps also does packages... Just saying.

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