Thursday, April 5, 2012


Hey everyone
This week has been a fairly good one.  Nothing really new happened.  I have now gone two weeks without crashing on my bike so that's good!  Hopefully I can keep it up haha. We have a few new people who might have some interest in the church but nothing too solid as of right now.  On  sunday President and Sister Anderson spoke in Sacrament meeting and it was great.  He also is having us as missionaries shift our focus.  It has been announced that we are not supposed to put tracting as a primary plan for the day, but to always plan for teaching people.  It's going to be very weird since, especially in a lot of my areas you find off of knocking doors, but I'm excited for it.  It'll bring great things.  Our ward mission leader is on board too so I'm sure we'll see great things from it.  Anyway love you all thanks for the support!


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