Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Happy Easter!! 
I hope everyone had a great time remembering our Lord and Saivor's resurrection.  What a great blessing it is.  I know that because of it we can all overcome death, just as He did. 
This week was pretty good!  Had exchanges with Elder kannan the district leader.  It was a blast to be in an old area and with an old companion.  Meanwhile his companion was riding my bike and so when I got back to my area I had two broken spokes.  He hasn't heard the end of it yet haha.  So my bike has been feeling more like riding a bucking bull or something haha.  It's all good tho I'm getting it fixed today!  (hopefully haha)  On saturday we taught a sweet little girl and she wants to get baptized!  We have a baptism scheduled for her on may 5th, I'm super excited for her.  Anyway love you all God Bless!

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