Thursday, January 10, 2013


Happy 22 months... Lame!
Hello everyone! Hope the christmas season and spirit has taken hold of you and just blasted into overdrive!! This week has been awesome. Been working on my lighting engineering skills, so far no fires but time will tell haha. We had a mission conference this week with Elder Steven E Snow of the Seventy speaking to us, it was awesome! We talked about conversion, getting the ward involved in missionary work and what we can do to continually teach. It was a way good time. The best moment of all tho was the fact that Beehowser, Elder Bredthauer was there!! Yeah buddy!!! I miss that kid! Haha. We had everyone laughing as we told our epic stories of what we did in pueblo haha. I bought him a tech deck and he started playing with it there haha. Helped a few families move this week and one of them lent us another christmas tree, so now we have two that we really can't fit into our apt haha. It's gonna be sweet!!! haha. That's about all the epic stuff we did this week, except for had a cool experience with visiting someone in the ward who had been talking to his friends a few days before about the church. We showed up on a whim and it was definitely the spirit having us stop by and get to know him. It was awesome. Anyway love you all take care and God Bless!

Beehowser with his new techdeck! RIDE IT EVERDAY!!  

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