Thursday, January 10, 2013


Hello everyone!
Man this week has been awesome! I got to change out 2 tires for a member, and get my sweater all dirty and awesome looking! Haha it was fun! We have been teaching a family and they're way awesome! One of my favorite people now here haha. We played hackeysack, it was legit. Then later we visited another family, the laubs (see picture) and played hackeysack in their kitchen. Legit again. We got the chance to help decorate a tree with them (again see picture) and sis laub bought us sweet ties! It snowed saturday night so that was fun all day sunday! Finally looks like christmas! This week is gonna be sick nasty too! Wednesday is christmas mission conference, Friday is an ugly sweater party for a few families we got invited to and saturday is the ward christmas party. Pray for me that I can stay partying all week! Haha Just keeding :-) I hope all of you are doing well and enjoying the holiday season! Love you all God Bless!


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