Thursday, September 15, 2011


Hello everyone
This week has been pretty crazy but awesome.  We have someone with a baptismal date!  They were a referral from a church historical site and wanted to learn more!!  It's been hard to get in contact but we finally did and they accepted baptism before I even finished asking them!!  Their date is for the 2nd of October!  This week a member's son is getting baptized as well after church!  We've been teaching them just so they basically have a refresher in the lessons so it's pretty exciting!  We're pulling for a Fiesta afterward haha!  Can't beat truly authentic mexican! 
On saturday we went and volunteered at an airshow/barbecue competition.  Man it was awesome.  I got the coolest t-shirt from doing it!  It's bright orange with a plane flying thru two sets of tongs and fire and smoke.  Sick right?!?!!!  I had a blast helping out, even tho we didn't stay for the actual show or to see who won.  But that's not important! 
So funny story, we went to visit a former investigator, and he had a friend over at the time.  So the guy we knew started asking us questions like what is a sin and so on, and it led to us talking about the word of wisdom.  Well his friend was taken back by it and said some of the funniest stuff.  he said "I love coffee, now everytime I see it I'm gonna say 'look at that big tasty cup of hell I'm gonna drink it up' "  and also "I can't wake up that early to go to church without drinking my cup of hell" haha it was so funny.  Man I was dying cause I was laughing so hard.  Anyway Love you all the church is true!

Elder Nielson!!
Elder Lewis the ZL in the walker is going home, so we did something special for his last district picture haha. 
In front of a wwII plane
Grenade joystick inside one of the planes!  haha

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