Sunday, September 25, 2011


Hello everyone
This week has been pretty interesting.  I had to actually get out my heavy coat, it was 40 degrees while we were out tracting.  2 days later we had a tornado warning.  Now it's back up to 85 or so haha.  So I found out that I get to spend 6 more weeks in kansas! Yay!  I'm getting a new comp tho so that will be exciting. 
This week we were priviliged to help get an 8 year old baptized!  We've been teaching him (his nickname is daniel-son, pretty much the coolest 8 year old ever) and he was baptized on sunday!  Yay!  His grandma and uncle came as well who are not members, it was a great day.  Elder Kannan did the actual baptism, and I was priviliged to confirm him.  We even got his mom "Victronicon the MVP" to say the opening prayer haha.  Otherwise it's just been the same old thing, living the missionary life.  Thanks for all the prayers and support, the church is true!  

Elder Nielson!!
Saturday before the baptism
Things get interesting sometimes in the car...

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