Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Hello everyone! 

Happy labor day!  This week has been pretty crazy!  I must say tho, thursday it was 103 for a high on mainstreet I believe.  Friday, didn't get up to 80.  It's been low 80's since, it;s been wonderful.  Except for the wind that makes it almost impossible to bike in haha.  But I have gone a week without a flat tire on my bike either!  Hooray!!  Elder Kannan did cause of Karma tho, he kept telling me I was going to haha.  So that is pretty nice.  Still don't really have anyone we're teaching but I sure have learned this town a whole lot better!  The few youth we have here are pretty awesome.  Saturday this was a ghost town, no one was here haha.  Yesterday we had a barbecue we went to and it was so good!  Man I wish everyday was labor day haha.  BTW we got notified today that any letters to the mission office need to be addressed 4090 centerpark drive suite 4 colorado springs co 80916 for all those that are writing me, or that should write me (just sayin) haha.  Anyway love you all!  Oh I was able to get my hackey sack on this weekend!  Haha 

First picture is Burlington's water tower.First picture is Burlington's water tower.
second is another goodland one with a giant van gough painting... Weird
Elder Nielson!!

This is what kansas brings to church... They're actually from Colorado Springs, but wsa doing a show out here and happened to find the building and were members.  Check out the Tie I'm wearing too haha. 


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