Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Hello everyone
Man wasn't conference awesome?!  I love conference weekend, get to hear great talks, feel the spirit, and we're not outside all day long!  Yay!!  Things here have been pretty good, it's been hot still, but hopefully that'll change now that it's officially october!  happy 8 months!! Yay!! I'm retarded haha.  So on thursday night we got caught in a parade for homecoming, it was pretty cool haha.  We had an awesome district meeting on friday as well, I love our district out here.  We have stake conference on this sunday and also interviews on monday so fun stuff still coming up!!  It's gonna be weird being away from our apartment for 2 days haha.   Otherwise not much to talk about today, I hope everyone is well and is enjoying this beautiful season.  The church is true, I testify of it!  

Elder Nielson!!

I decided to send pictures since I haven't done it in awhile.  Mega oreo is numba one, and the other is a hilarious chinese buffet sign in Burlington.  Elder Kannan pointed it out before he left haha. 

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