Monday, October 24, 2011


Hello Folks
It's kinda weird going back to normal church and all that again after 2 weeks away because of general and stake conference!  This week has been pretty good, really short.  On saturday we went to a harvest party our branch hosted at a member's house, who happens to live on a ranch where they raise buffalo.  It was pretty awesome.  The Colby Elders were there too so I got to talk to Elder Mahe and Darley haha.   This upcoming week is going to be fun too!  On Wednesday, we're heading to Pueblo, CO via Garden City, KS to see member of the seventy visiting our mission!  So we'll be gone almost all day thursday.  It's gonna be fun tho cause we'll be driving in a caravan, so there's gonna be all these cars that are from colorado, they'll all be the same (except for us, I am the driver of a subaru instead of a chevy malibu haha) with all these guys in white shirts and ties and bike racks on the back haha.  It's gonna be sweet!!! 
Well that's all I have, the church is true!! 

Elder Nielson!!

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