Monday, October 24, 2011


Hello everyone!
man this week has been just ALLLLLL driving!!  Haha it's been a good week tho.  It started out on tuesday we basically did a loop of our area, went thru Sharon Springs, KS and then headed to Cheyenne Wells, CO and all the little cities along the way!  Went up thru Burlington CO on our way back home.  It was about 150 mile loop haha.  It was good tho cause I've never been down to work in that part of our area.  Then wednesday we embarked on the 3.5 hour drive to Pueblo to see Paul V Johnson.  It was an incredibly boring drive, there was a lot of cows and open fields haha.  Pueblo is definitely an interesting place too.  We stayed in I guess is the ghetto of it haha.  Thursday after the conference we drove back and the whole district stayed at our apartment cause it was so late and we're the closest.  Friday we went to Colby, KS for district meeting and then drove to Burlington, CO afterward for work over there and to go to a birthday party.  So Saturday is the only day we spent the entire time in Goodland haha.  It's been fun seeing new places tho, I've started a good collection of water tower pictures haha.  At the birthday party I got to be in charge of moving the Pinata, I ended up making it hit the adults who were swinging at it haha.  We get to go to another one for the same family on thursday... Who has two thumbs and is excited?  This guy.  Haha.  Oh it's supposed to snow tomorrow or wednesday, which will be interesting.  Otherwise I don't think there's too much else coming up except for halloween and transfers at the same time next monday!!  The church is true, love you all!!

Elder Nielson!!

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