Monday, November 21, 2011


Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me!!  Ok that's too annoying to type it all out haha.  This week has been pretty good!!  We still have a baptism this weekend if everything goes right, so keep your fingers crossed!  We got a call on Friday night that we were asked to speak on sunday for 15 minutes each, so we had that opportunity to do that.  Which is fun cause as a missionary your resources are limited and I'm not good at writing talks anyway but we did really well.  I know that it was the spirit helping me to write it, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten anything written down haha.  The Spirit is such a great blessing to have and I'm so grateful for it to be constantly in my life as long as I'm worthy.  What a great blessing that is for being baptized by proper authority. 
So let's see what else has happened.  Oh, I saw my second police standoff since I've been on my mission!  This time it was at a 7-11 haha.  Not much else has been going on that I can think of, I just love doing this and being here.  My comp is awesome, my district is great.  I love all the people I've had the great opportunity to meet.  It's so great to help benefit other's lives.  And man, it's great to see mountains again haha.  I love you all, the church is true!

Elder Nielson!!

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