Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Hola from the CoSp!!!
 It's so great to be back!!  I love it here, I love my comp, life is good haha.  This week has been awesome.  We've had such a good time at dinners with members and other great fun things!  I feel so blessed to be here.  Not only that but we have great news!!  We're having a baptism on the 19th!!  Holla!!  Haha.  Elder Clark and I thought for a while about what day to give the person he has been working with for awhile, and we decided on the 19th.  They prayed about it for a day and then told us yes.  It was so great.  I guess it all started with another member who decided to turn their life around and they bore such a great testimony to Elder Clark and I last night about how much happier they have been since they turned their life around a month ago.  I love being involved in this work, and am so blessed to be a part of it, even if its miniscule part.  So funny stories tho, clark and I colored a sweet black velvet picture and found this picture on a frame of a tropic beach.  It's been pretty epic with all the decorations we've been putting up.  I would attach pics but no time.  Love you all!

Elder Nielson!!

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