Monday, May 14, 2012


Hello errbody
Man this week has been crazy!!  New area, new comp, new responsibilities, new ways of working, new bike rim coming, just new everything.  Stupid bike rim.  I gotta say I love pueblo so far, there's so many people out and about so we have lots of chances to talk to people.  We have an investigator taught by previous missionaries, they're working towards baptism.  Pretty exciting.  Being a District Leader is pretty cool, I get to know the other elders a lot better.  They're awesome guys as well.  Working hard, even tho theyr'e the jerks who have a car haha.  This week I did my first district meeting agenda, it was pretty cool.  The bad part is I have to do one weekly, and we were asked to speak on sunday so now we have double duty haha.  There's a lot of great people in the ward that we've met so far, both my comp and I are new to the ward so it's been pretty interesting.  But ofcourse, it's been awesome!!  Love you all God Bless!!

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