Wednesday, March 23, 2011


What up yall?!
Man, crazy week and a half! First off, We've still been battling illness in the district. My companion was pretty down and out feeling for half the week, then we had exchanges on thursday and friday.  So on thursday I was in a completely new area, a little town called woodland park about 8000 feet in elevation.  It was pretty sweet there, it was like it was literally right in the middle of a forrest. But saying that I wouldn't want to have to tract there again haha.
I got to work with an Elder from Hawaii during exchanges. Man he's hilarious.  I asked him if he's ever been bit by a shark and I guess he believed that I was actually serious... Whoda thunk that someone would take me serious?!  Believe it or not miracles happen everyday in The Colorado Colorado Springs mission...
So due to geographical problems we lost our investigator we have been working with. But another awesome miracle is a young man whose inlaws are in one of our wards moved here for a few weeks before he is in active duty in the navy.  He's already been taught and interviewed and he literally is all ready to get wet.  We got the approval from President to just interview him and get him in.  We called him and have the date set and everything.  I just hope I don't get transferred cause it'll be the week after transferrs!
The last two days I had the chance to be with all the greenies in the mission home getting taught some more lessons and whatnot to make us better missionaries.  Man what an awesome experience! I loved it not only cause I got to see all my brothers were strong in the faith like the sons of mosiah, I learned so freakin much! It was intense.  I love President and Sister Pfile, and am really sad I don't have more time with them before they go home.  Bummer.  But alas, life goes on!
There appears to be a hurricane coming through Colorado Springs recently.  Our corrola was even being blown off the road yesterday! Intense...  I saw a little sign with big metal poles bent right over, I'm just waiting for something to blow out our power lol. 
Well that's it for now, I testify that this gospel is the ONLY true church on the earth today and innumerable blessings will come thru it if you are faithful!
Love you all!
Elder Nielson

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