Tuesday, March 15, 2011

03/7/2011- 03/14/2011

Heyo Everyone!
What's  good?!  It's been crazy here! Disease has broken out in my district! 3/4 elders in my area have been down this week including myself! It's crazy! But it's all good we're getting to work still!
Our investigator is solid, he told us God answered his question and he knows he needs to get baptized!  He's an awesome dude, We're calling him weekly and I get to yell at him cause he keeps forgetting to read the book of mormon... Good stuff getting to yell at him tho!
We came across another guy and were able to teach him, he said he would be baptized as well, but we haven't been able to track him down since, we'll see what happens with him.

Otherwise the work is as you would expect, lots of walking, knocking on doors, and having them slammed in our faces.  Pretty fun stuff indeed!  Meeting with some of the members here makes up for it definitely tho.  There's this family that's awesome.  Their kids make me laugh so hard!

The deer here are crazy! I've never gotten close enough to pet deer before in my life but here, they're in everybody's front yard!! I wonder why they're so far down here, the mountains don't have much snow on them... Crazy...

Well thanks so much everyone for the love and support you have shown this week, I know that this church is the church of Christ on the Earth, and nothing can take that away.  Just do us missionaries a favor and give referrals!! Lol

Elder Nielson

One of the photos is a view of Pike's Peak outside of our front door, Random picture I took of Elder Bystrom I took at a baptism (he didn't know I was going to take it) Bos Nas who oversees our studying, and random motion shot of Elder Glines'... nametag and chocolate bar... Random...

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