Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Excerpts of letter from Elder Squishy 3/28/2011

"It's incredibly hard to get into homes here, out of the probably 50 or so hours tracting we've done here this transfer ONE person let us in.  It's a whole new ballpark here.  Churches teach anti-mormon classes in their church, and it's actually the headquarters for 38 different religions, including focus on the family who took donations from the church then went hardcore anti.  It's nuts in the Springs.

That pretty much sums it up, really discouraging with working hard around sicknesses.  My companion and I both had flulike stuff for 2 weeks.  And it's hard to stay motivated when you have doors slammed in your face for 4-5 hours straight a day.  But alas, that's the life of a missionary.  Our one solid investigator we had to transfer to other missionaries cause he actually lives out of our zone.  So our investigator pool is back down to zero.

For transfers we get an email the day before transfer day telling us where we're going.  So we have monday to pack up, and transfer day meeting is on tuesday.  Everyone who is moving or getting a new companion goes.  I have no idea where I'm going or if I'm staying.  There's no way to tell."

From Dad: 
I don't think Sky would mind me posting this excerpt from his recent letter to me here, because I believe it's an accurate depiction of the faith and dedication he has to the Work.  Those of you who have served missions no doubt recognize the angst  is feeling and the grit and determination it takes to get through periods like that. I'm sure he will be blessed for his faith and perseverance, with abundant opportunities to teach and see investigators grow in the gospel as they accept the message and work towards baptism.  Don't forget he needs letters as often as you can send them along.  They have a transfer coming up early next week, so it's uncertain if he'll remain there or where he'll be.  So, it might be safer to write to him in care of the mission home for now, until we find out the outcome of the transfer day:

Colorado Colorado Springs Mission
4090 Center Park Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80916

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