Monday, April 11, 2011


Well hello again!
Man this week has been... This week!  Crazy that's what.  Had transfer meeting on wednesday, two new elders to the district are here, but they're pretty cool it seems.  Elder Glines and I are still basically rocking it as usual.  No surprise there. 
It was a pretty slow week because of transfers and all that but some pretty awesome stuff happened still which I'll get to.
So it turns out that I'm pretty good at turning planting beds.  We did some service on monday for the Engeseth family and I started joking around that it was a family business.  Pretty random thought but it was really funny.  And now I can say that on my mission I have helped move 3 pianos thus far.  Any of you moving pianos, DON'T DO IT!!!  It sucks haha.
Alright so epic story time.
Soooooo My companion and I decided to tract a street downtown CS and so we're knocking on doors and had no luck.  Then this guy answers the door and says "oh no you guys again..."  Turns out that the other Elders had tracted that street already... the day before.  Poopy.  So we decided to bail on that plan and came up with the idea to bike into Manitou Springs since we're low on miles.  Oh biking how I loathe thee.  Anyway, it's not that far or hard so we do it to go and see a contact my companion and I know.  We get there, are just walking away from our bikes and see this guy a block and a half away waving us down... Kinda strange... Well we go over there and he tells us he just moved into the area, his wife is a member and he's not... yet... in his own words, and wants to know where the building is.  Sweet.  We share the address and get his info and we're going to visit him this week.  Well then we go up to visit the Contact in Manitou and it turns out that he left the commune/religion group he was in.  And this dude is awesome before even tho most in the commune really didn't think too fondly of us.  Well he left and is interested in learning more, has been for awhile.  So he and his whole family, 6 total are going to be visited this week as well.  Miracles do indeed happen. 
So THEN we're heading home, feeling awesome and whatnot.  Stop by a less active members bike shop as he's closing to get air in our tires.  He says "hey, you guys heading home?  Let's go through Garden of the Gods!  It's on the way home and it's not hard at all!"  Yeah... Never trust a professional cyclist when they say it's not hard.  I almost wrecked twice, chain came off twice, and my heart was racing.  He took us on the trails that were way technical with loose dirt and rocks lol.  But!  I can now say I've been mountain biking in a white shirt and tie!  Lol.  Made it back home safe just dead tired, but still ecstatic about the day.  It was an amazing week,  and I know that the Lord is the master planner of this work.  I know he guided us to go to that street where the others had been so we would end up in Manitou and find those people.  It was amazing.  I also know that he watches out for us and keeps us from dying on mountain bikes lol.  The church is true, keep up the good work everyone!
Elder Nielson

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