Monday, April 25, 2011


Hello again everyone!
Happy late Easter!!  I hope it was great for everyone and that we're all able to remember the blessings which the Atonement brings into our lives!!
Man it's been a crazy week!!  We had exchanges this week, and exchanges always seem to bring about miracles.  We got 4 new investigators (one accepted a baptismal date but it's going to be moved cause they didn't come to church yesterday)  and a bunch more potentials!  It's been crazy!!
We went tracting on wednesday 4/20 and of course we were doing so in the ghetto.  Everywhere smelled like weed haha.  It doesn't help that there's distribution stores everywhere in our area!  We had one guy tell us there is no god and to take our voodoo somewhere else.  It was awesome! 
Yesterday was probably the most interesting day I've had out here.  We have been trying to get ahold of a less active girl who is about to graduate high school, whose parents are apparently very anti.  Well, we stopped by, talked to her mom and invited her to and easter cantata (musical performance thing) she like wise invited us to her church's easter program.  Which we went to at the first free evangelical.  Man it was awesome, closest thing to real music we've heard in a long time!  They had some great musicians definitely.  She seemed really excited we went and even invited us to a diner thing at her house!  We weren't able to make it tho.  The best part is everyone just STARED at us the whole time.  I caught this elderly lady from 4 chairs down just eyeballing me lol.  And a guy wanted to bash with my companion.  We just wanted to see the service!!  Sheesh.  But either way a lot of people seemed to be more accepting when we told them why we were there and were very respectful.  It was an awesome experience and seems to really open up people to our church.  But now I keep saying that we need a drum set next to the organ!
Well I must depart and so on, Love you all and I testify with all my heart this is the true Church of Christ. 
Elder Nielson
Dad this one is for you.  The Truck-vette has been replaced with the Truck-allac.  The license plate said Radillac.

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