Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Hello everyone!
This week has been a pretty good one!  Hope everyone enjoyed conference as much as I did!  It was great! We've been having some fun the 4 of us elders who are in this area serving together and hanging out between conferences!
We had some crazy wind here!  Our neighbors fence blew over and a big old tree branch broke off and crushed his boat... Pretty crazy to wake up to and look out at!
We have a new potential investigator!  She's from the UK and her husband is from Scotland, we're going to try and meet with her this week before the kids come home from school is when she said is best.
We've been going around just doing a pretty fair amount of tracting this week, and it's been pretty fun.  There's a family we've been visiting who are recent converts but are having a hard time.  If my camera will sync I'll send a picture of their youngest son, who is hilarious.  Their oldest boy is funny too, we harass him a lot and he kicked me in the ankle!  I deserved it tho, I must admit. 
Oh for anyone who is wondering who reads this I'm not being transferred.  There.  Done.  I said it.  Lol.
So not a whole lot else going on, tons of funny stories to share but I can't remember them all but anywho the work is going good, I appreciate the prayers.  Help out your local missionaries and pray and give them people who might be interested.
 Love you all
Elder Nielson
So the first picture is the carnage of our neighbors

Then a Picture of our district, No time for names.

Then Aiden Engeseth and I when he was wearing 10 shirts cause he was supposed to be cleaning... awesome

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  1. Hey Annie
    We need address' to write to him. Will you please post his address for us?

    Love Ya,
    Auntie J