Monday, April 18, 2011


Hello everyone
Well, it has been a week this week for sure.  Had interviews with President and Sister Pfile, which was pretty cool.  I haven't had them yet so it was an awesome experience.  We had some pretty awesome learning experiences and promises from President.
Not a whole lot of stuff happened this week, Elder Glines has been feeling sick and passed his cold onto me so we've been just taking it easy.  Not to worry tho we're doing better today and are planning on hitting it hard this week!
This week we got an opportunity to do a baptism!  Johnathan Kinda just fell into our laps, he's about to go float in the navy, and was living out in New York when he took the lessons.  But he wanted to be baptized out here with his wife's family.  Who happen to be in our ward.  So Elder Glines and I got to take care of it!  His father in law performed the ordinance, but Glines and I helped in confirming him yesterday!  Pretty cool stuff!
We also got a few more people we're going to try to start working with this week, it's pretty cool how it seems like things are turning around in this area! Hopefully everything will go according to plan!
Oh, I've learned a few new songs on the guitar which is pretty cool.  Met a professional harmonica player, I'm hoping he moves back again.  AND there's a guy in one of the wards who has played with tool, and the guitarist from Iron Butterfly, pretty awesome stuff.  I'm building connections.  I hope.  But really he said he'd help us build our own little guitar amp.  The dude is pretty awesome!
Well that's all for now, Love you all!
Elder Nielson
This is the picture after the baptism, Johnathan, his wife Melissa and Father in law Vincent
Be jealous of our awesome mustaches.  This was after district meeting haha
Just straight Chillin in front of the 'rola!

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