Monday, May 16, 2011


Herro Everyone! 
Man another crazy week this week!  The nice thing tho is that we've had some success this week!  We went tracting on tuesday and got to pretty solid potential investigator families in the same neighborhood!  We went back to see them, one was sick (don't know if it was just a cover, I'm giving the benefit of the doubt) and the other was about out of the door, very warm and receptive tho.  She told us another better time to come by so we are going to do that tomorrow (hopefully).  Pretty exciting! 
So transferrs are tomorrow, and although I'm staying in my area there's a whole lot of changes.  My companion is getting transferred out and so we'll have a new district leader.  Also the other elders are getting relocated to a new area so it'll be just my companion and I covering these two wards starting tomorrow.  Crazy big!  The funny thing tho is that since they're leaving we're getting all of their investigators, including one who has a baptismal date lol.  I'll miss them tho all jokes aside.  But now this district will only have 4 elders, and Elder Glines is going to a district with 8 or so Elders and sisters.  His old one is shrinking when he's going to a bigger one haha. 
So funny story for the week.  As Elder Glines and I were tracting on tuesday, there were these two teen boys walking down the street on the other side.  One of them decided to be funny and said "hola Amigos."  To which I used my knowledge of spanish and said "Hola!  Como esta?"  The kid just had a blank look on his face.  I asked "Bien?"  Nothing.  So then I started muttering whatever phrases I could remember, mainly foods and colors.  It was pretty great, not gonna lie.  It feels nice to be able to make someone think what just happened?!  Lol
Well that's all I have for now, Keep true to the faith, the church is true! 

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