Monday, May 2, 2011


Happy 3 month mark!  Yay for me!!  Only 7/8ths left to go!  Hahaha
Man has this week been depressingly funny!!  It's been depressing cause all of the new investigators we had basically stood us up, but funny cause I swear I was just like a walking comedic attraction!
It all started with last sunday.  A family walked into a easter presentation, but I didn't see the father.  Then he appeared and I said "There's the bearded one!"  Well, the mother had just walked in so she just said "what?!"  It was hilarious, she's really funny.
Then monday, we went out with another member to try and find people who were missing on the ward list.  Well no one answered, and there was a merry go round at the park next to us.  So... he decides to coax us into riding on it.  First was Elder Glines, then they dared me into it.  I got on, Glines asked me which direction I wanted to go, I said "I don't care, I'll go both ways."  Then the member who is a bit older said "Elder Nielson is bi, he goes both ways!"  Oh my gosh I could hardly hold onto the flippin thing I was laughing so hard.  I would have never expected it from him, he's freakin awesome. 
Thursday we went to Denver with a different member to get stuff from the temple.  He gave us a ride and decided to take us to breakfast at a restaurant that was pretty nice in all honesty.  Well, as I was getting out of his car I just heard a riiip.  The pants he had gotten me a few weeks ago ripped in the crotch down my leg.  it was just one of those "oh dang!" moments, so funny.  So we eat breakfast and he buys some safety pins for me to pin it up, he sees it and just says we're gonna buy you new pants.  So we went to the nearest store which was a macy's.  I destroyed them quite well hahaha!  Some other stuff happened the rest of the week but I can't remember off the top of my head.  It was pretty fun stuff tho.
On the other hand we are starting to work with the member's wife who took us to Denver!  It's pretty exciting!  He said he almost had her to church a week ago but had a relapse of pneumonia but she is feeling a bit better.  Right now we're just trying to really build a relationship of trust or BRT and it seems like it's going well.  She's a great lady, and they would make a really solid and beneficial family to the ward.  I could see them holding some really important callings.
Well I had better go, I hope all of you enjoy your springtime, keep praying for the missionaries and for missionary experience.  This is such a great cause and I'm glad I get to be part of it!  Love you all!

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