Monday, May 23, 2011


Hello everyone!
Real quick, did anyone see Jesus or the second coming going on on saturday?  I didn't see any fire and brimstone or locusts but I just wanted to check since you know, people decided that since Noah knew when the flood was they could determine judgement day.  Just curious.
Man crazy week, new companion, new apartment, new investigators.  We taught the other elders' investigator but he didn't come to church yesterday so we're wondering how serious he really is.  So that's awesome but also a bummer.  The greatest thing I think tho is that a part member's wife is really starting to warm up!  We were over at his house on saturday and had a great time making silly puns.  He says give her a few more times and she'll be coming.  I'm gonna trust him since he's almost 69 and has known her since he was 9.  Kinda long of a time. 
Church yesterday was awesome.  This week we ate with the bishop of Academy ward and the first counselor of Mountain Shadows ward and apparently they were impressed with us.  The counselor made us get up and introduce ourselves in priesthood opening, and said that we were great guys.  We got a member referral as well during sacrament.  Hopefully it'll be a good one.  We went into primary and helped teach about the restoration, and in relief society taught about the spirit of revelation.  Next week we're teaching about baptism in Mountain Shadows Gospel Essentials.  It's gonna be pretty fun.  Got Zone conference this week, next week is stake conference and Neil L Anderson will be here.  Pretty exciting. 
Anyway I hope everyone is great today, have had a great week.  Thanks so much for support you've given!  The church is true and "No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing." -Joseph Smith.  Love you all!

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