Monday, May 16, 2011


Hello Everyone
Well pretty slow days for the most part this week.  My companion and I got a tad sunburned on saturday doing some service, mainly he did tho.  Fun stuff for sure.  We got invited to a recent convert's high school graduation by her mom who apparently is very anti, I dunno about that anymore...
So let's see funny story this week...  The other elders have crashed on their bikes twice this week cause of jsut not paying attention, that's pretty funny.  In a mean sort of way but they're alright, one of them just has some good road rash.  I know!!!  On Thursday we went over to the Weitzels house for lunch.  Bro Weitzel is a tax attorney.  He made the most amazing burgers I've ever eaten, calls them "buckeye burgers."  Well the other awesome reason to go there is he likes to play guitar and lets us play them too.  So I got to try out a PRS and a vintage Telly, pretty sweet.  He's alright I guess too for a tax attorney, he's played with bands like oh I don't know, Pantera, Tool, Dead Kennedy's, Iron Butterfly just to name a few that he's listed.  Who would have tought a tax attorney with straight parted hair would be such a rocker?  Kids these days.  He said that he played the club 2 nights before Pantera played there and Dimebag Darrel got shot.  Crazy. 
Now about the work, it's been a looooooong week but we have some progress coming!  One guy we are working with apparently wants to come to church, but something came up and we couldn't meet on saturday.  Another member's wife is warming up to us as well so hopefully we can make some good progress there before the transfer ends next week!
I love you all and God bless all of you!
Here's pikes Peak at a sunset from our apartment
An awesome view of Colorado Springs

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