Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hey peeps
This week has been pretty awesome! Been way cold tho!!!  Haha.  This week has had some sick miracles in it.  Last week there was a fellow who came to church, and we talked to him, got his info and were going to set up a time to meet with him.  He was busy so we never were able to.  Well on Friday at District Meeting The APs came along to sit in.  We were talking about him and they said they taught him at a member's house in thier ward and he has a date!!  They set up a return appt and we called but they had to cancel, but still came to church.  We talked to him there and he approached us to schedule another time, and we invited him to another baptism which he came to.  We had a big concern with him but found out that it's nothing to worry about!!  It was way cool because all this week I had been praying for a miracle when it came to people to teach and we got it with him.  God does answer prayers, they're just in His timeframe.  Currently he has a date for the 18th and he have an appt with him tomorrow!!  Oh we won't get to see Richard G Scott, some things came up and they cancelled the meeting.  Either way I'm still excited for great things happening!!!  The church is true, I testify of it.  I love you all hope you're having a great holiday season. 
Ps happy 10 months on friday!!  Haha

Elder Nielson!!

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