Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Hello everyone! 
happy 19 months!!  It seems like just yesterday it was 18!!  That the crap?!  This week was awesome!  We had William's baptism on saturday!  Yay!!  Afterward we found some new people to work with who want to get baptized!!  Super awesome!!  Then the other companionship in my district had a baptism on sunday!  It was awesome cause the font wasn't full completely and the baptism was supposed to start, so I went in and "made some adjustments" to finish filling it up in time.  Basically I came in and tried to save the day by overriding the settings haha.  But it was successful!  On sunday we got another investigator who has a baptismal date for Oct 5th, yeah buddy.  God has been blessing us so much recently it's been hard to keep up with!  I'm super grateful!  Oh on saturday we had victory ice cream for both baptisms, and bought celebration bat man masks.  It's freakin sweet!  It's been so great to be a part of this work, and am so happy that I've been blessed to be here.  Oh man do I love it!  Love you all God Bless and be happy!  Oh and share some love *cough* write a missionary *cough* haha. 
William and his dad, who baptized him. 
the weed whacker cord went though my shoe!
This sums up my last few transfers.  Elder Guzman and Bredthauer from Pueblo, and Elder Warr in my district last transfer.  This is during transfer meeting haha. 

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