Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Hello everyone!!  This week has been awesome!  We had a baptism on saturday, and I was priviliged to confirm Taylor on sunday.  It was so great!  Hopefully we'll have another baptism on saturday this week!  Needless to say the work is progressing well! 
I truly love this area and the missionaries in this district.  We had quite a struggle getting a group picture on friday but somehow kinda managed to get it haha.  Otherwise things are going swimmingly!  This thursday I'll be in a new area for a few days, which will be kinda interesting but fun I'm sure.  I like the Elder I'll be with for the time being.  Then next week I'll find out for sure where I"m going to be and who will be my companion. 
This is at Taylor's baptism, and the other one is me being bored.  Obviously.
Elder Nielson!!

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