Monday, August 8, 2011


Happy pday everyone!
Well it's transfer pday and I"m going to kansas tomorrow.  It's gonna be kinda huge since I've been in major city so far on my mission, but I know it will be good.  I know that there's someone out there I need to meet. 
We were scheduled to have another baptism on saturday, but it got moved to this week because of difficulties.  But it's definitely happening this week!  We have everything planned out and ready to go for saturday.  Unfortunately I won't be able to see it happen, but I have the comfort to know that it is happening. 
These last few days I've been with another missionary, Elder Felsted which has been way awesome.  We've had a great time together and I've learned a lot with him.  Too bad he won't be my new permanent companion!  Either way I've enjoyed the time we've spent together.  Not much else is new, I love you all and know this church is true!
Elder Nielson!!

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