Monday, August 15, 2011


Hello everyone!
Greetings from Kansas!  It's way different out here!  I went from the biggest city I've lived in to the second smallest!  (sorry Blanding, there's 3 stoplights AND a small walmart.)  It's crazy different, but it will be fun.  I'm excited for friday nights in the fall!  That should be an adventure!  I can already tell that football here is a big deal with how many Kansas, Kansas st, and Nebraska flags are out in the neighborhoods. 
The area is huge, we cover up to the nebraska border, and we have to drive to Colorado to attend our branch on sunday.  So about twice a week (depending on miles) we'll travel between kansas and colorado.  Pretty excitng!
It's pretty out here.  I guess that sunflowers are another big crop here, and it's almost time to harvest them.  So there's fields of corn and sunflowers which is pretty. 
So I'm using my bike a ton now, and go figure im my first week out here I've blown out my back tire twice.  It's been pretty epic!  Elder Kannan has some pictures of me walking my bike that I'll have to get from him so I can laugh at myself haha. 
So far the work here is slow, but hopefully it will be changing soon.  The focus on the work is shifting dramatically, and I'm really excited about it!  We're being allowed to rely more on guidance to find people instead of just straight knocking on doors all the time.  I'm pumped! 
Oh another thing that is cool is I heard my first tornado alarm!!!  Haha it was only a test but still cool!  I guess I've missed the season for the most part.  
Well that's about it that I have to report on.  Oh we're in a Subaru Impreza, which is kinda cool.  But anyway, love you all!
Elder Nielson!!
I now live in the land where water towers are a big deal.  This is one of goodlands haha.
This was on a mailbox we walked past while we were tracting one day.

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