Monday, August 13, 2012


Herro Errone

This week has been pretty awesome!  Been hot as all get out!  But still awesome.  We've started playing an intense game of slug bug everywhere we have been going, which is intense on bikes haha.  We got a few new investigators also that we found from tracting or just talking to people out on the streets, which is super cool!  We worked on  a street called kickapoo road which was freakin cool haha.  Then yesterday we were unlocking our bikes after an unsuccessful tracting session when a family we met before stopped by and invited us over haha.  Freakin cool.  Last night we got home and were visiting our neighbor and we were off our bikes for only about 5 minutes when it started hailing way bad.  It was liek the size of marbles haha it was intense!!  But made for a good video haha.  Anyway love you all God Bless!

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