Monday, August 13, 2012


Hey everybody!

This week has been pretty good, seen some cool miracles as we've been going out doing our thing!  We've tried to see people that missionaries were working with before, and sometimes we've met them and they're still at least semi interested and other times we'll knock some doors around and a few times we've found people who accepted a return appt.  Pretty awesome.  There's so many awesome members in this ward too.  I've learned so much about the army in the last two weeks haha.  It's pretty awesome.  On thursday I got to help shovel rocks with a green beret and a combat medic.  That made me feel cool that I was able to do that with some warriors haha.  Elder Behrmann and I have been having some fun telling stories of Kansas and all the such as well haha.  His first two areas were Dodge City and Garden city, the two biggest towns that are in our part of kansas.  I keep telling him that Goodland is where it was at haha.  Anyway I love you all God bless!


First is a family from pueblo we were working with.  Rain is gonna get baptized!

Craziness with the spanish missionaries and then the other is with my district.  I don't remember which I attached first haha

Amurrika car!!  Found that here in springs.  If you notice there's a gold eagle attached to the hood and red tint windows.  AMURRIKA!!!

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