Monday, August 13, 2012


Hello everyone

This week has been crazy!  Been long but hey I made it!  We've had record heat here of 107 and it's been quite challenging, especially since I am definitely not a heat kinda person haha.  I'm trying to learn new tricks and ideas to stay cool haha.  We've been working with some people still hopefully they're really embrace the gospel in the near future.  OH!!!  Yesterday I got bit for the first time by a dog!!  Dang chihua haha.  Didn't even get close to breaking the skin but it still hurt.  Then before that we had a "former member" scream at us and told us never to come back.  He wouldn't even hear us out about how he can keep the church from contacting him haha.  Good old Pueblo.  Anyway love you all God Bless!

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