Monday, August 13, 2012


Hello everyone!

So do these things still get published or what?  Haha this week has been crazy!  Monday WE WENT TO THE ZOO!!!!!  WHO0O0O0O0O0O0O0O0O0O0O0 haha it was awesome.  I saw an orangutan who gave people kisses through glass, and another gorilla vomit, then eat it's own vomit.  Twice.  Awesome.  Plus I got a sick shirt!  Tuesday was a super awesome and spiritual zone conference, I was super pumped!  Didn't get the cleanest car award, but oh well.  Then on thursday we went on exchanges with 16th ward elders, when I met the Raught family!  Haha super awesome.  It was awesome to meet them!  Friday we had a zone training meeting (it's a new thing we're doing where zone leaders host a meeting for the zone and we discuss problems and what not) it was super awesome too!  But unfortunately, we had no investigators at church.  It was cool tho cause it helped me recognize and understand once again, the lord's timing.  Sometimes we do all we can, but you just have to wait a little longer.  I was praying a lot about it this week, and all I kept getting was just to wait it out.  So there's definitely good stuff in the future.  Yesterday evening we went to a child's baptism, it was such a great reminder of why we as missionaries are out here.  We didn't do anything really to help them prepare but it was awesome just to feel the spirit so strong.  The church is true.  Then the family fed us, bonus!  Haha oh and while I'm typing this I wanted to invite EVERYONE who reads this to log onto  It's way awesome.  If you're a member, make a profile.  If you're not, check some profiles out.  I will be having one made probably by next monday, so ya can look for me this week at some point!  It's super awesome, and making profiles and telling others about your profile will be a great blessing to missionaries worldwide!  I love you all God Bless!


Flying eagle CRAW!!!!

Bear Knucks

Matching zoo shirts!

The Raughts!

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