Monday, August 13, 2012


Hello Everyone!
Happy 18 months?!  Sheesh.  Nutso.  My comp made me breakfast on thursday.  What a sweetheart right?!  He's awesome!  This week has been pretty good, not a whole lot to report on.  On monday we got a ton of rain, it flooded everything!!  Crazy man.  It was nice tho cause the area really needed it.  On saturday we walked out side and, that's right, IT WAS FOOTBALL WEATHER!!  I could just smell the pigskin in the air haha.  I started having my cravings already haha.  And to add onto that, I got into a debate over if the eagles or steelers are gonna win on thursday with a member haha.  It was awesome.  Oh I had my first MRE this week, it's not bad!  There's a member here who gave us some and is a jack of all trades, so he's teaching us some skills.  He has a 50's willeys jeep that he's working on so it's almost like an exchange, I'm helping him with that haha.  It's awesome.  Yesterday there was a recent convert fireside and it was awesome cause I got to see some members from previous area that went and also the spirit was super strong!  I love RCFs because it's so amazing to see and hear people who just recently came into the Gospel and were baptized and hear how much it's already effected their lives.  So super powerful!  Anyway I love you all take care!  God Bless!
Some cool storm clouds around pikes peak.  I felt semi artistic but not really haha.

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