Monday, August 13, 2012


Hello everyone

Man this week has been pretty crazy!  There have been colds going on and companions down with illness but it's been aweseome still!!  Elder Bredthauer and I are able to be entertained quite easily haha.  We have gotten into a almost scavenger hunt with a bakugan toy things in our apartment.  I think the best is I put it on the shower faucet so when Elder Bredthauer went to turn it on it was sitting there.  Pretty awesome.  Ran into a bunch of crazy people as usual, a guy told us to chase down cars and bug them, and then talked about he can't have a car so he has to walk everywhere.  To which we pointed out, the fact that we were on bikes while talking to him haha.  Memorial day was pretty cool, we didn't see much success but saw some sweet jeeps and 4x4s in driveways haha.  We helped a family move out of their home on wednesday and the storage shed they have has courtesy cart things.  So we took a recliner on the cart and the whole time my companion rode on the recline haha.  I'm a good leader, I serve others haha.  Anyway love you all hope you all were safe and had a great memorial day!


So, this weekend I took over another district until transfers, so I've had to talk to 3 companionships a night then zone leaders.  This is what district meeting looked like haha

Elder Bredthauer and I on a scenic bike ride

Hail from the hail storm

Notha pic from the river trail.

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