Monday, August 13, 2012


Hello everyone!

This week was pretty awesome!  Had some awesome adventures.  First off, I've began learning how to wheelie which is super awesome haha.  And I only flipped my bike over once so far!  I'm doing pretty good!  Haha.  We taught seminary on friday, and getting there on our bikes was crazy for sure!  We were digging to China one day, helping dig out a sewer line which was way fun haha.  There has been some awesome random laughs with Elder Bredthauer.  We've been making up our own songs and whatnot the last few days haha.  Today we might do a slackline thing, pretty sweet.  yesterday I was at a leadership training meeting, it was pretty interesting, kinda weird to be there honestly.  It reminded me I'm supposed to be responsible haha.  It was cool tho still.  I got to see some missionaries who are leaving (like Elder Clark, my homie)  and got a bunch of new revelation and what not.  Its sweet.  Anyway love you all God Bless!

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