Monday, August 13, 2012


Hello everyone!
Happy 18 months on thursday!!!  What the...  That's wierd.  This week has been a good one!  We picked up a few new investigators, hopefully it'll go somewhere!  We went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders which was way fun.  The zone leader I was with is super awesome and I enjoyed working with him for a day.  What else...  Oh we went over to an investigator's house for dinner and they have some horses for dogs, it was super aweseome cause they're super friendly.  So they just started attacking me for loves haha.  It was great.  That's what the picture is.  Oh so we were talking with a person who is semi interested and they were telling me about how they work a night shift and another person working it thought they say a chupicabra haha.  It was super funny.  Oh and last but not least, We found out we have a bed bug infestation.  It looks like I have chicken pox again haha but we're getting it taken care of this week.  Love you all God Bless!

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