Monday, August 13, 2012


Happy 4th of July!!

Hope everyone had a safe and awesome holiday this week!  It's been a pretty eventful week.  The 4th of course is always awesome, we had some good work that day.  It was funny too we didn't need to go to a fireworks show to see some, cause even tho it was illegal all our neighbors were lighting them off haha.  Our investigator with a date is still doing awesome, that's super exciting!  For the end of the week we were on temporary exchanges with Elder Jensen our zone leader which has been crazy.  He was in my first district so it's been a blast joking around with him so much again haha.  We've had some good fun for sure and he introduced me to king taco, an awesome restaurant for sure!  On sunday we had an investigator come to church and had another family text us and tell us that they wanted to come but wouldn't make it before services started.  But afterward we went and visited the family and they're super awesome.  I'm way excited for them!  Hopefully they'll get baptized and I can come down for it!  So tomorrow I'm getting moved again to Fountain 17th ward, nearby where I served in 18th but not quite.  I'm super sad to be leaving, especially since things have gotten so awesome here but it'll be good.  I'll have a car finally!  Haha even tho I don't have any idea where I'll be driving haha.  Anyway love you all God Bless and keep me in your prayers!!

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