Monday, August 13, 2012


Hello everyone!!

Happy 17 months!!  That's flippin nuts.  It should not be that big yet.  Oh well life goes on!  This week has been busy!  We've been doing a lot of service recently.  Elder Bredthauer and I figured it out that we spent 6-7 hours in two days with shovels in our hands haha.  Pretty sweet.  One project was digging a hole for a sewer line problem and after a series of people going to help at different times Elder Bredthauer and I got it to 7 feet.  Pretty awesome, we put in a nice step system too haha.  Oh, I finally got another flat tire yesterday!!  Kinda random, my tube slid inside my rim, but it's all good cause I had an extra waiting at the apt haha.  So we have a new investigator, and it's pretty sweet cause they're originally from farmington, nm!  Hey I know that place!  Haha.  It's a small world!  Elder Bredthauer and I have been getting creative this week, and he's mastered being a sniper with a blow gun for nerf darts.  He crawled under a bed at another missionaries' apartment and took them out when we were there haha.  Anyway love you all God Bless!!!!

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